Monday, March 30, 2015

Not About Discrimination

The new law in Indiana that says businesses do not have to accept business that violates their religious beliefs, is not about discrimination. It IS about whether a so-called “right” NOT recognized by the Constitution should trump a right that IS recognized. Religious rights ARE recognized as “sacrosanct” in the Constitution, “Gay rights” and the right to DEMAND people do business with you for ANY reason are NOT. People who demand acceptance of their business are demanding a “right” that does not exist. They DO have the right to take their business elsewhere.

THATCHER: “APPALLED AT OBAMA”: They put this headline out as if it was a surprise to anybody that a woman whose whole life was based on truth and honesty would be “appalled” by a criminal like Obama. Margaret Thatcher is the BEST reason to have a female chief executive. Hillary Clinton is the best reason NOT to have a female in that spot. Hillary says, “Wouldn't you like a female president one day?” My answer is, “Yes. But not you! Never you! Condoleeza Rice or Sarah Palin, maybe, but NEVER Hillary Clinton. We don't need the scandals.” We have enough with Obama.

THAT SETTLES IT: Salon Magazine says, “All white people are racists.” So that settles it. Everybody at Salon Magazine is STUPID. Only a liberal would make such a stupid statement as that. I think a majority of BLACK people are racist, and they're not afraid to express it because they think they're right. It's a position strengthened by the opinion of their half-white, half-black president, who has been pushing the race issue for all it's worth, ever since he emerged from under his rock to push Hillary aside. There are many black people who are NOT racist, but they're almost afraid to express their opinion today. Of course, they'll CALL me racist for this. That's their “fall-back position” when they can't answer criticism.

GUN LAWS DON'T WORK: Reality intrudes, time after time. In Boston, a felon who had just finished a stretch in prison for shooting at two cops 14 years ago, was stopped by a cop with a .357 Mag in his car. He knew that meant yet another stretch, so he shot the cop in the face. Now he's facing attempted murder charges and another long stretch in prison. It didn't take him long to ignore the law that said a felon couldn't have a gun. All criminals do. The cop may die because of the useless law that says a felon can't be armed, and neither can an honest person, too.

IS KERRY “REALITY-FREE?” Many say he is because of the things he is agreeing to in his “negotiations” with Iran. But I don't think he is. I think he's just stupid and will agree to ANYTHING Obama tells him to agree to. And since Obama WANTS Islamic terrorists to win, and Iran is one of the biggest promoters of Islamic terrorists in the Middle East, his actions are not unexpected. Many people don't believe me when I tell them Obama is IN FAVOR of Islamic extremists and WANTS them to succeed. But the proof is there, if they'll just open their eyes and SEE it. It's all in what he DOES with regard to them.

STUPID NAPTOWN MAYOR: The current mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana, is not the first stupid mayor they've ever had. He's criticizing the governor for signing a law reinforcing religious freedom rather than the IMAGINARY “gay right” to force bakers to bake them a wedding cake. I worked for Mayor “Tricky Dicky” Lugar (now Senator Lugar) who really screwed things up there with his robin's egg blue and beige cop cars and his turquoise fireplugs Some of the things he did defied reason. Thank God it wasn't a career for me. It was just volunteer work.

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