Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today's "Buggy Whip Maker"

That's the Post Office. It's going out of style, with e-mail making the inroads it has made in private message traffic, coupled with the massive increases in the cost of sending a single letter. I wouldn't THINK of sending a letter today if there was ANY possibility of corresponding by e-mail. E-mail has become THE method of communication, today. The Post Office can't understand that, and they just keep raising the cost to send a letter sky high, so people can no longer afford to send a letter. Like the “buggy whip makers” of yore,they think they can survive in a world where people no longer send letters. They think just raising prices will make the difference. It will, but not in the way they think. They'll keep thinking that way until ALL their business dries up.

OBVIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD: When Bibi Netanyahu said there was “no chance for a two-state solution,” he was “called to account for it” by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, who demanded he apologize. But when Iran dictator “Hominy” said, “Death to Americans!” he was just “saying what he had to say to satisfy the folks at home” and didn't really mean it. Which, of course, ignores the fact he is a DICTATOR, and dictators don't give a DAMN what their people think They just don't want to ADMIT he means it with all his stupid heart.

BIBI JUST RECOGNIZED TRUTH: When Bibi Netanyahu said “there's no chance of a two-state solution," he didn't mean HE was against it, he meant the Palestinians were against it. They CLAIM to want it, but every time an agreement on the stated terms nears, they “back out” and demand something else they KNOW nobody else will agree to. That way, they can PRETEND to be “negotiating” it, when they're only USING the negotiations to “buy time” to rocket bomb Israel some more.

FACTS DON'T MATTER: One liberal politician once said, “It doesn't matter if the facts don't prove it, it's the seriousness of the charges that count.” And they're still going by that blasphemy today. In the matter of the PHONY “Rolling Stones” story about rape on campus that proved to be false, made up out of whole cloth. They say now, “It doesn't matter if this story is false. We know rape is a problem on campus. In other words, “Don't confuse me with facts. My mind is made up.”

HIS CONSTANT LYING? Liberals are quick to jump on the bandwagon in attempting to discredit a GOOD presidential candidate. Now they say “His biggest drawback is his constant lying.” which, of course, is a lie itself. But even if it were true, if constant lying was something to discredit somebody, why does Obama get away with his hourly lying with nobody (but people like me) noticing? Now they're going back to 1964, asking why they're (again) choosing the furthest right candidate? Forgetting entirely that Reagan made them look even more stupid than they are, and he was an unabashed conservative.

UGLY, AND UGLIER: I've always thought Michelle Obama was pretty ugly. But now she's made it worse. I don't know how Barack Ostupid can bear to look at her in the morning as he gets out of bed and prepares to screw us some more. Why she shaved her head, I don't know. Maybe she just figured she wasn't ugly enough and decided to make it worse. Like the way she has ruined lunchtime for kids with her silly “dietary restrictions” that they ignore by throwing her recommended food away, she has now made herself even harder to take, visually. And her color has nothing to do with it. That woman would be ugly if she were PURPLE. Couple that with her IGNORANCE and insensitivity, and you have REAL ugly. Actually, she didn't actually “snatch herself baldheaded.” She had her hair slicked back so tightly it must have pulled her tiny brain into a knot. If I didn't already know she was stupid, I'd be afraid for her intelligence. But I know she has none to lose.

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