Thursday, March 12, 2015

Secret Service (Again)

In case anybody is wondering why the Secret Service is in so much trouble, just look at the latest scandal they're embroiled in. Two TOP secret service EXECUTIVES were DRUNK and ran their car into a White House barrier. The secret service scandal started (we think) when a number of secret service agents were exposed in a sex and drinking scandal in a foreign country (or maybe before that when two uninvited people got close to Obama when they were not invited), and went through several embarrassing White House entry scandals that caused it's head to lose her job. She was fired, when it was these two men who SHOULD have been fired. And Axelrod says there are NO scandals in the last six years! What PLANET was he living on?

SENATORS ARE GOVERNMENT: There's a law against private citizens corresponding with foreign governments and interfering in government business. They're SAYING the 47 Members of Congress who signed that letter to Iran telling them they are AGAINST the “agreement” Obama was negotiating is NOT correspondence BY a “government entity” with Iraq. Congress is an EQUAL PARTNER with the president in governing this country so this CANNOT be “treason.”

SUSPICIOUS FIRES” Both times somebody got close to indicting Al Sharpton for something, his files “caught on fire” and were thus unavailable. Let's face it. He's just not as good at hiding things as is Hillary and Bill Clinton and some other politicians I could name. I could buy a fire deleting his records ONE time, but TWICE? Both times just before somebody subpoenaed them? Shades of Hillary's “Rose Law firm files!” And Lois Lerner's “computer crash.” What'll they come up with next? “The dog ate my files?”

RACISM REVERSAL: They're claiming racism in Ferguson, MO, and they're right. But not in the way they intend. The racism is on the BLACK side, claiming it is on the white side, which is a LIE. The whole thing was started by criminals, who just want to be rid of the cops. So they USE racism that does not exist in as much quantity as they say to “whip up” hate for cops, who do a thankless job, mostly well. Eric Holder (chief crook) joins in the scam, declaring that, even if the cop who killed that giant thug who was trying to kill HIM didn't do anything wrong, “statistics proved' that the Ferguson police department WAS racist. But the truth is, the racism today in Ferguson is BLACK hatred against WHITES, and specifically on COPS, black, white, Chinese, Indian, or anything else.

A BAD IDEA FROM GO: A man carried a rifle openly PAST a school where guns are prohibited. This forced them to put the school on “”lock-down” and disrupted the kids' education. The cops “politely” confronted him and he “not so politely” cussed them out. Yes, he has a right to do this, but “taunting” cops any time is not a good idea. They can ALWAYS find SOMETHING to arrest you for. In this case, “disturbing the peace.” If you're a pro-gun person, DON'T do anything like this. You'll set the gun rights issue back. Responsible people in favor of being able to have guns for self defense will NOT support you.

WHY PRIVATE E-MAILS? All government officials know they're supposed to use government-provided e-mail services while in official office. Why did Hillary Clinton NOT? The answer is simple. She's “better than the rest of us,” and is a “privileged person.” She is “allowed” to do things the rest of us are not allowed to do. What was her reasoning? CONTROL; she wanted to be able to CONTROL what was released when Congress came calling with a subpoena for her e-mail records. The key word here is CONTROL. Using a government service ceded CONTROL to the government, and she didn't want that. So she used her “privileged position” to get around the rules, knowing the Democrat Party criminals would not punish her for it. They'd just howl..

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