Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu: "Obama Selling Us Out"

That was the gist of Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before a combined Congress. He didn't reveal anything that was not known, but he did put it in perspective, showing that Obama's administration was negotiating a treaty with Iran that would ENSURE they would get a nuclear bomb more quickly than before. Iran has promised to DESTROY Israel, and has done many things to advance that goal WITHOUT nuclear weapons. The question now is, “What will they do when they HAVE nuclear capability?” Obama hates this, and if we were further “down the road” to his dictatorship, Netanyahu would not leave America alive, just as Putrid...er, Putin's enemies get shot.

"USELESS, EMPTY RHETORIC": That's what Obama said about Netanyahu's speech, and how he dismissed it. Of course, what Netanyahusaid clearly CONDEMNED Obama's soon-to-be-signed “agreement” with Iran that would, instead of STOPPING their march to nuclear power, ENSURES it. Obama, who thought the Congress should have asked his PERMISSION before inviting him, is still mad that they did it anyway. This assessment from Obama was expected by people who know what he is, and how he is made.

OBAMA LIES AGAIN: After vetoing the Keystone Pipeline bill, he said yet again that the pipeline from Canada would benefit ONLY Canada, and that ALL the oil carried would be exported. That's an outright LIE. It will be refined when it emerges, IN the United States, and USED mostly by American sources. He also belittled the up to 300 new jobs the pipeline would create, which is more NEW jobs than HE has been able to create. He's full of garbage, as usual. The number of permanent jobs the pipeline would create is much higher.

YOU CAN TRUST OBAMA: I remember once hearing a staunch enemy of communism saying that “You can trust a communist—to be a communist.” the same thing now applies to Obama now. “You can trust Obama--to be a Muslim, socialist liar.” That you can always trust him to be. He lies DAILY to promote his socialist ideas. He lies all the time to support his Muslim friends, who are daily beheading innocent people, even CHILDREN. Obama is the worst ENEMY we have ever had, and as long as he is president, we are in mortal danger.

RAISING TAXES BY DECREE: Obama is “itching” to raise taxes by “presidential decree.” He can't do that. The Constitution says, “Only Congress can raise taxes.” But the way Obama has ignored the Constitution so many times, I wouldn't put it past him to make the attempt. But I think that would be his “death knell.” America would reach their “tipping point” if he tried, and the “revolution” would be on. I don't THINK he is stupid enough to do it, but I could be wrong. He has proved his stupendous stupidity on many occasions.

BANNING “JESUS,” BUT NOT “JIHAD”: British department store giant “Marks and Spencer” banned the use of the words “Jesus and “Crist” from use in the messages customers send with flowers bought there, but not “Jihad” or “Allah.” They said they did it because they were afraid of “offending” anyone. Apparently they weren't afraid of “offending” Christians because Christians don't KILL you for offending them. After many complaints, they “let Christ and Jesus” back in. Good of them.

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