Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Denver In Trouble

Chicago-style trouble. We know that Chicago has some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, coupled with the highest gun violence rate in the nation, as well. Now Denver, Colorado is in the same kind of trouble. Chicago had 5 shootings over the weekend (now 6), and so did Denver. Denver was lucky in that it had fewer good shots, and thus fewer injured in those shootings. They refuse to believe that their current gun laws PROMOTE gun violence and get people killed. Maybe one day they'll get smart. I'm not holding my breath because turning blue doesn't appeal to me.

BORROWING TOO MUCH: What would you do if you had a brother-in-law who spent money like it was WATER, and kept coming to you to borrow more every year? You'd cut him off, wouldn't you? You would if you were intelligent, that's what. So why do we keep increasing the debt limit for the federal government when THEY “spend money like it was water,” and print more when the supply gets short”? And when their “borrowing limit” gets short, they come to you, hat in hand, asking for more. No, DEMANDING more. They talk about the HORRORS of them not being able to pay their bills. Actually, it's the HORROR of spending more money than there IS!

BUREAUCRATS WATCHING PORN?” On OUR time. They claim they do it because they're “bored.” Why are they bored? Because they don't have enough work to do. And that's good, because when bureaucrats do some work, we all seem to suffer because what they do is usually bad for the rest of us. So let them watch porn, for whatever reason. Just let them leave us alone. Or you could fire them if there's not enough work for them to do, rather than pay them to watch porn on our time. Or you could not hire so many that they become bored for lack of work to do. But then, their bosses aren't smart enough to think of that.

LET 'EM GO”: That's what Secret Service executives told the Secret Service members who were holding two TOP Secret service operatives who, in a “drunken stupor,“ drove straight through a Secret Service roadblock set up for a bomb investigation. The Secret Service “bosses,” told them to “let them go without a drunkenness test” so there would not be one on their records. With “leadership” like that, is there anybody who wonders why the Secret Service is so “out of control?” I think they just don't like Obama and hope somebody will “get to him” through their “studied incompetence.”

DEALING WITH WHISTLEBLOWERS: In the Obama administration, they deal with “whistleblowers” very simply: they accuse them of SPYING, whether they are, or not. They accused one person of spying for telling something about Korea to FOX NEWS, fergawdsakes! And it's not confined solely to the Obama administration. They have done it for years, through several presidents. They have found that this has a “chilling effect” on whistleblowers, which, under that label, can't be messed with. But if they're SPIES, now. . .

ALGORE GETTING DESPERATE: There's not enough money now flowing into his pocket through his global warming (whatever he calls it now) SWINDLE. Now he wants to PUNISH those who DENY that it is “settled science” like gravity. That's a fool notion on it's face. That the Earth was FLAT was once “settled science.” Until they found out it wasn't. Global warming has been PROVEN false six ways to Sunday and he still is pushing that “dead horse” and making money from it. But the flow has slowed, and he's afraid it will stop.

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