Saturday, March 28, 2015

Put HIllary Away

We need to charge Hillary with a crime. She showed bad judgment by just using a purely private e-mail system that SHE owned, lock, stock, and barrel so she could CONTROL, absolutely, what is “released” in case a congressional committee ever demanded to see them. It did. So first she “released” a FEW selected e-mails, claiming everything else was “personal.” But Congress wanted more, so she WIPED the rest so they could never see them. That should be a CRIME, and this criminal should NEVER even be CONSIDERED as a presidential candidate. But she's a DEMOCRAT, so “all will be forgiven.”

IS HE STUPID. OR WHAT? Juan Williams, who seems to have replaced Bob Beckel on Fox's “The Five,” was “nonplussed” by the fact Obama's name was not on the recently published list of the “Top Leaders in America.” What? Obama is NO KIND OF A LEADER. He has screwed up everything he tried, except getting elected, and that's because somebody else engineered that con. When it comes to running the United States government, Obama is as “dumb as a box of rocks.” And Williams is surprised his name is not on that list? Damn! I guess liberals will now (again) call me racist, because he's black. Black or white, he isn't too bright.

CONGRESS PUSHES “REAL ID”: It's an ID card Obama and members of Congress want to FORCE all Americans to carry, which includes ALL information on the carrier, in “biometric” form. They've been trying to attain a “national ID card” for years, and this time they might succeed, if we aren't alert. When they come to me for mine, they can stick it in their “brown hole,” sidewise. I won't carry one. Ever.

I'D MAKE A POOR DIPLOMAT: It's probably a good thing will never ask me to join the Diplomatic Corps (Obama probably calls it the “corpse.”) I just don't have the talent for shaking the hand of bloody mass murderers like Vladmir, uh, Putin. I have a built-in INABILITY to be phony I can't stand people like him, and I'm UNABLE not to show it in my demeanor. They'd be FOOLS to appoint me to ANY diplomatic post. Not that members of this government are NOT fools.

WAS CO-PILOT A MUSLIM CONVERT? I'm not stating this as a matter of fact. I am, however, commenting on what a German news source has said: that they found “evidence” in the co-pilot's apartment that he was a recent convert to Islam. Which would explain a lot. The illness that has been attributed to him and his mental state is a factor, also. This situation shows a need for the pilot to have an unblockable device on his person that will allow him to get into the cockpit in all cases, or a small bathroom built INSIDE the cockpit sohe will not have to leavfe it for any reason during a flight. It also shows that there needs to be tighter restrictions on pilots and co-pilots that make it harder to hide medical and mental issues.

GUN-FREE ZONE DANGEROUS PLACE: There are “gun-free zones” all over. And each and every one of them is a dangerous place to be because criminals and crazies walk right by the signs telling them how they'll be prosecuted for bringing their guns in and count on that to give them an assurance there most likely will NOT be anybody there to oppose them with their own—except maybe a UNIFORMED security officer who can be “taken out” FIRST. Target Stores is such a place and has had two (count'em), TWO shooting incidents lately in their parking lots. All but TWO mass shootings have happened in “gun-free zones.”

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