Saturday, March 14, 2015

Is Our Gold Gone?

Federal “authorities” in charge of our gold reserves in Ft. Knox persist in their REFUSAL to allow an audit of their stewardship of our gold resources there since the Eisenhower administration. Is there any gold left? Has somebody stolen it all? Are they covering that up? What law ALLOWS them to refuse to be audited when they are in charge of the very BASIS of our monetary health? Why don't the U. S. Marshals go in with “guns blazing” if necessary to FIND OUT the answers to these questions? Must we allow them to continue to stymie our efforts to find out of the gold is gone?

CLINTONS ENRICH THEMSELVES FROM POLITICS: When they left the White House she says they were “broke.” They STOLE $190,000.00 worth of china, flatware, rugs and furniture as they moved out. Then they went out and bought a million dollar house in Chappaqua (with WHAT if they were so broke?) and both wrote books with multi-million dollar advances. They continue to enrich themselves, with BOTH making expensive speeches to drooling audiences, with Hillary making the most ($300,000 per speech). They continue to collect political contributions, some from foreign sources, on the promise that Hillary will soon be president, a promise they couldn't fulfill in 2008 and hopefuly will not be able to accomplish in 2016.

GRUBER DID IT AGAIN: He helped Obama rip off a nation (America, with Obamacare), now he's trying to rip off a state (Vermont) by inappropriately billing them for $100.00 an hour for giving them advice on THEIR single-payer health plan. How did he do it? He billed them for 500 HOURS each for TWO MONTHS and he has only ONE RESEARCHER. It would be impossible for him and one other employee to put in that many hours. This fool has more GALL than a gall bladder! I guess he told them to LIE about it, too. He's certainly an expert at that!

DEMOCRATS RUN FERGUSON: That's a fact that the liberal media always ignores. In fact, wherever there is a problem that comes from incompetence in government, you'll find the Democrats in charge. It's something the media NEVER takes note of. Democrats screw things up ANY TIME they're in charge, and the media hides it. But those of us who pay attention notice things like that, and we tell you about it. For that, people like Obama and Holder call us “terrorists” and “racists.”

UNBELIEVABLE STUPIDITY: I just can't believe the STUPIDITY of certain residents of Ferguson, MO, for whom facts just don't matter. They already have their minds made up. Even though the Attorney General himself (who is one of the co-conspirators in the attempt to start a race war on the backs of Ferguson residents) said the cop was in the RIGHT when he shot and killed Michael Brown, and that he NEVER raised his hands and said, “don't shoot”, a story that is SUPPORTED by witnesses who are not criminals, themselves, people answer confidently that he DID when asked. They don't care a WHIT about the FACTS. All they want to tell us is what they WANT us to believe. I should ask them: “Who do you call when YOU are threatened by such goons as Michael Brown?”

EXPENSIVE TRAVEL: Obama and his wife went to the same place, at the same time, to appear on two different television shows. Obama spent $200,000.00 to go on Air Force One, she spent another $200,000.00 to go on a DIFFERENT plane, just as big. They SAY it's because Obama wanted to stop by a VA hospital in Arizona and she didn't. So instead of a dutiful wife spending a few minutes going along while he conducted business, she spent $200,000.00 to go ALONE in a multi-passenger jet. This is how the Obamas “SAVE” money and “save the planet” by using less fuel and spewing fewer pollutants..

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