Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Large Gaps In Clinton E-Mails

Is anybody surprised? Yes, I'm sure many people who “pay no attention to politics” are surprised that the e-mail records she “turned over” contain large gaps in coverage. That's why she HAD that private system for her e-mails; so she could “cherry pick” which ones to “turn over” when Congress “comes calling,” wanting them. In one instance, she is shown tippy-tapping into her “Blackberry” while on a trip. But her e-mails show NO activity that day, or at the time the picture was taken. God, is she STUPID! She has these scandals and she keeps right on giving conservatives ammunition against her while Democrats keep saying “she is the only viable candidate for president” in 2016. Sheesh!

TOO YOUNG TO KNOW ANYTHING: I've always said that young kids (including college students) haven't been on this Earth long enough to have learned ANYTHING. So it's no wonder with colleges everywhere spreading the poison that America got her riches by STEALING it from “the poor” (A logical impossibility. How do you steal from people who have NOTHING?) holds sway in their thinking. “It is no secret that there have been some instances where students at American Universities have been taught that America is evil. That it is the American system that is the cause of evil and hate in the world.” So it doesn't surprise me in the least that students at UC Irvine have BANNED the American flag. Too bad there isn't a LAW to prevent stupidity.

ONE IS ENOUGH: Obama's PR flack, Josh Ernest, LIED many times, saying “Obama never got an e-mail from Hillary when she was Secretary of State. Then, when it became obvious he DID, Ernest ADMITTED that he lied, saying, “But he didn't get many.” Trying to reduce the effect of his LIES. But the fact is, it only takes ONE E-MAIL for Obama, if he has any intelligence at all, to realize that she is NOT using a government e-mail address. So HE lied, too, as he has many times before, in many cases. How do you tell when Obama is lying? His mouth is open, his lips are moving, and sounds are coming out. It's the same, apparently, with Josh.

WE FOUND LERNER'S E-MAILS: What happens now? We found them weeks ago. Or at least we were TOLD we found them weeks ago. But we've heard nothing about them since. Is there nobody to “leak” what they reveal? Are people so involved in SEARCHING through them that they have no time to tell anybody what they're learning? Will we EVER hear about what was learned from them? They finally found HIllary's Rose Law Firm records when they "mysteriouslt" turned up in the White House residence. Did we EVER find out what was IN them? They finally found Lerner's e-mails. Will Lerner ever be prosecuted on the basis of what's in them? I get really tired of hunting for incriminating information on some dishonest politician, finding that information, and then, BUMP! Nothing. It disappears from notice. We forget all about it, and nothing ever gets done. It's like going in to take a dump and getting nothing but a loud fart.

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: I really get tired of having my intelligence insulted by politicians. I guess they think we're so stupid we won't notice it when they do. And many of us ARE. One of the most obvious times recently is when Nancy Peelosi told us, “We must pass the law to find out what's in it!” That was about the Obamacare law, which NOBODY read before they passed it, about which they told us many LIES, and we (not me) believed them! Lies that if we liked our doctor we could keep him/her; and if we liked our insurance we could keep THAT; and it would LOWER the premium by $2,500 a year. In actuality, it DOUBLED the cost.

WAR AGAINST CHRISTIANITY: It gets pretty bad when a highly decorated military CHAPLAIN gets “bounced” from the military for being a Christian! That he is said to be, “incapable of functioning in a diverse and pluralistic environment.” (whatever THAT means, and whoever decided it. Sounds like a lot of bureaucratic gobbledegook to me.) Will they bounce a MUSLIM “cleric” for that? I wonder. I'm hearing way too many stories about people being ostracized because they're Christians, these days. But not enough because they're Muslims. Not that I have anything against Muslims, except to wonder about their intelligence, in “buying” all that crap they teach Muslims.

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