Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Punish Non-Believers!"

No, we're not talking about Muslims. We're talking about our former vice president, AlGore, who is becoming frustrated that we're making too many inroads into the SWINDLE that has made him a BILLIONAIRE on the basis of an easily disproved LIE that MAN is responsible for all “climate change (his new name for his swindle).” The fact that there has been NO “global warming,” (his original name for his swindle) for at least FIFTEEN YEARS doesn't phase him. He can't answer our facts, so now he just wants laws made to shut us up.

ISIS POSTS “KILL LIST”: It purports to be a list of current and former military people they're going to kill. They might find killing them a little harder than it is to kill unsuspecting people with no military training that they usually target. Maybe we should post a list of their top people and then go out and kill them, by whatever means necessary. All they understand is death and torture, so maybe we need to inflict their own tactics on them.

STARBUCKS KILLING THEIR OWN BUSINESS: I don't know what their CEO thinks he's accomplishing by ordering his coffee servers to “whip up racism” among their customers, but he's deceiving himself if he thinks he can slow his lines down even more by attempting to TALK to people who “just want a cup of coffee, dammit!” without losing business. I think he'll find this just slows his coffee business down considerably and will no doubt cause his board to fire him.

INCITING TO VIOLENCE: I'd bet money that if I were to advise my readers to go out and kill people I'd soon be in prison. Not so with the “Black Panthers.” Politicians are too afraid of being called racist to do the normal thing and ARREST those members who paraded, armed, down the street, CALLING for people to KILL COPS! Why they don't take action if they're NOT afraid is beyond me. These fools are getting more and more “out of control” by the day. And I'd take odds on them starting to shoot people before long, while politicians hem and haw about the “political correctness” of putting them in prison.

COMMON SENSE GUN LAW”: The gun grabbers call their useless non-working anti-gun laws “”common sense laws,” but they aren't anything like common sense. Common sense tells me that disarming HONEST people while DISHONEST people have no trouble getting their guns in the closest back alley out of another criminal's car trunk is NOT “common sense.” So now comes a REAL “common sense gun law” to make it easier to get a “concealed carry permit” if you're HONEST and RELIABLE and they pee their pants at the very thought.

UN IS SIMPLY STUPID: Ignoring the way Muslims treat their women everywhere, and BY LAW in countries they control while accusing ISRAEL of being the “worse country in the world in their treatment of women" IS not only stupid, it's CRIMINAL. Where the hell do they think they have the right to do such a thing when the whole world knows that MUSLIMS are the worst, when it comes to their treatment of women? They really think the world will BELIEVE their bullsh-t, and that's what makes them STUPID.

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