Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Race Baiters " Accuse Bibi

Democrats are the worst “race-baiters” going, but now they're calling Netanyahu a “race-baiter” for TRUTHFULLY noting that Obama is appealing to Arabs to come out and vote in big numbers so as to defeat him. Never mind Obama has no business interfering in the election of an Israeli leader and his people (at taxpayer expense, I might add) should not even BE there. Obama LOST that election and is now “stamping his foot” and “jumping up and down” like a little girl who has been frustrated in her wishes. Too bad, Barack.

FOX FIRES”JUDGE NAP”: There's a You tube video going around now claiming Judge Napitolitano was fired from Fox Business Network because of a “five minute diatribe” that I watched without hearing a single thing that was not true. Funny. There doesn't seem to be anything in the news about that anywhere but in this video. And “Judge Nap” seems to be still with Fox as their “Senior Legal Analyst.” Sounds like something made up by a liberal to me. I have a query in to the judge. I'll let you know when I hear back. I suspect there are other reasons why his show was cancelled (if it was). Maybe Fox has better things in mind for him and the show had to go to make room (Like replacing Bob Beckel on “The Five?)?

OBAMA SURRENDERS TO IRAN: That's what he has in mind, anyway. He wants to “make an agreement he can” with Iran that ALLOWS them to continue their “nuclear enrichment work.” Isn't that what those talks were supposed to PREVENT? Obama, for some reason, WANTS global Islamic terrorists to WIN (I've got the proof), and he does everything he can to make that happen. This is just ONE PLACE where Obama wants to “surrender' to them. Another is Israel, where he INSISTS on a “two-state solution” to their problems, which even the PALESTINIANS don't want. Else why would they sabotage every effort when an agreement seems near?

IT TAKES A MAN: Or it takes a woman. Gay “marriage” is a SHAM. It is a phony arrangement that hurts the children who have to live in such an arrangement. They are taught that they “don't need a man” in their lives (or on the other side, that they don't need a woman) when, somewhere, they DO. That child could not have come into being without contributions from both man AND woman, somewhere down the line That's why I say it is a phony arrangement. Yes, they don't need the opposite sex for HAVING sex. But for creating LIFE, they do, somewhere along the line. Maybe they just adopt, or allow themselves to be “impregnated” by what they call a “sperm donor” to get pregnant. Which, in itself, shows that gay marriage is a “phony experiment” and it hurts those children, who should never have been allowed to BE adopted by gay parents.

NO STARBUCKS IN FERGUSON: The CEO of Starbucks wants his coffee servers to “start a conversation” about racism with their customers ("whipping up" racism"), completely forgetting it takes TIME to talk about it; time that should be devoted to getting coffee for their other customers. In Ferguson, MO, there ARE no Starbucks stores. Why is that? Is Starbucks racist, or does their research tell them blacks (which are in the majority there) don't buy high-priced, battery acid-tasting coffee. Maybe black people are smarter than white people.

NY A “GUN-FREE ZONE”: Predictably, violent crime is UP 21%. And frankly, the way they “fudge” figures in NYC, I wouldn't be surprised if the number was much higher. Of course, liberals everywhere (and the people running things there ARE mostly liberals). Fact is, we can't depend on ANY figures given us by liberals because they ALL mostly “massage” the numbers to hide their incompetence. One place this is PROVEN is in Obama's employment numbers. He has recently “crowed” because the unemployment percentage, as a part of the work force, have been going down. But not because people are finding work. They go down because of people GIVING UP on EVER finding work and leave the work force. What that happens, they stop counting them and the PERCENTAGE of those REPORTED out of woirk goes down, right along with it.

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