Monday, March 23, 2015

Importing Enemy Agents

Obama is embarking on a path toward IMPORTING Muslims. You name it, and if it's the STUPID thing to do, Obama will do it. This is like importing Nazi soldiers during WWII. Or importing N. Korean soldiers during the Korean war. These people mostly are sneaking in the same way as Mexican illegal aliens come here: slipping through Obama's “porous” Southern border. Now he's going to make it even easier for them to come here to set up their “secret cells” and wait for word to start killing Americans. More proof he is on their side. Obama is going to be the death of many of us.

HATE RADIO”: That's what they call Rush Limbaiugh for telling the truth about how liberals are screwing us every day. They brag about getting 16,000 signatures on a petition to get Rush off the air. That's against Rush's 25 MILLION listeners. They claim many advertisers left Limbaugh during their last campaign, which is a LIE (maybe a couple, but they came back). They believe in “free speech” unless they don't like what is said. Calling it “hate speech” is just the latest ploy in their efforts to shut up opposition. They call what he says “hate speech,” but the only “hate speech” here is theirs. I don't agree with all his OPINIONS, but I've never caught him in a LIE.

WE GAVE THEM WEAPONS AGAIN: Obama is working HARD to arm the Islamic terrorists, and he succeeds every time he orders his troops to LEAVE, rather than fight them, and “leave their weapons.” The latest instance of this is in Yemen where his troops FLED (on his orders) as Islamic terrorists again took over yet another city. And they were (again) ordered to leave their weapons. $500 MILLION dollars' worth of weaponry and military equipment that the terrorists seized as our people FLED. Obama couldn't be doing a better job of providing weapons and equipment for our enemies if he just did it directly without phony excuses.

FINDING OUT FAST: Starbucks has ended their campaign to “talk about race” with customers standing in line to order coffee (as if it didn't take long enough, now they have to wait while the servers harangue other customers about the phony “race issue”). They must have noticed how much longer it took for people to get their coffee and figured out how much it was costing them to delay these lines, so they ended the campaign within two days. Another liberal idea gone wrong.

GUNFIGHT IN THE WAL-MART CORRAL”: And here I was led to think there would never, ever, be a gun problem in a Wal-Mart parking lot after their decree that it was a “gun-free zone.” So how is it POSSIBLE that there have been gun fights in Wal-Mart parking lots TWICE, just this week? In the most recent “gun fight in the Wal-Mart parking lot,” civilians actually shot at responding police officers! You'd think they'd figure it out that their silly “no gun zones” are USELESS and only INVITE gun-play there. One of these gun-fights was in my own, personal Wal-Mart lot.

OBAMA ANNOUNCES HIS CRIMINALITY: Obama has now made it official: he IS a “crook” and intends to advance his agenda by “hook or crook.” That means he will do it LEGALLY, or ILLEGALLY. Something we who pay attention already knew, but now he has made it official that he intends to do what HE wants, even if he has to do it ILLEGALLY. This is the first time I've ever heard a president ANNOUNCE that he is going to do things ILLEGALLY, if necessary, But the only thing that surprises me is that he ANNOUNCED it.

JIHADISTS ATTACK SYNAGOG: They were “fought off” by worshipers using mops, chairs, and other makeshift clubs. They'll probably report it in the Muslim news sources as a “Jewish attack on innocent Muslims.” That's how they advance their position: by LYING through their teeth (but that's okay, since they're ALLOWED to lie in support of Islam). But think on this: what “religion of peace” attacks a place of worship of another religion? This “religion of peace” falsity needs to be addressed in the news media, instead of being ignored as it is, today.

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