Thursday, March 19, 2015

"It's Race, Of Course!"

Obama is having trouble dealing with the trouble Loretta Lynch is in when it comes to getting okayed by the Congress to become his new “chief criminal” and replace Eric Holder in that position so he can continue to flout the Constitution and the law in what he does without opposition from Justice. So, of course, blame it on racism, which is the “fall-back position” any time his wishes are successfully opposed. He probably wishes Jen Psaki was black too, so he could blame all the pressure on her to tell the truth about Hillary not signing that “exit document” on racism, too.

NO FOIA FOR US!' Obama is “more than equal” when it comes to “owning up” to things. So he's now going to arbitrarily EXEMPT himself and his White House from the terms of this law. Of course, that's breaking the law, but Obama doesn't care—he's “the boss” and nobody is going to call him on it. All presidents obeyed that law until it became “politically inconvenient” for Obama to do so. So he's getting rid of it for himself and his personal staff. Watch for him to expand that if it ever becomes “politically inconvenient” for other government agencies to obey. Remember, this was to be the “most transparent administration” in history.

STARBUCKS WILL HURT THEMSELVES: They've started a campaign (at Obama's “suggestion”--orders?) to “raise consciousness” about racism by handwriting messages about it on their coffee cups and attempting to engage customers in a conversation about it. What a way to cause yourself trouble with your customers! I wouldn't mind their “handwritten messages” on my coffee cup, I can ignore that. But the first one who starts “taking me to task” over racism will get my coffee on his/her shirt before I walk out the door. Of course, that isn't going to happen, since I've never BEEN a Starbucks customer (except one time when they were the only place in a mountain town to GET a cup of coffee and the person I was with insisted). Their coffee tastes like battery acid and I don't drink it.

STUPID QUESTIONS: They're asking a rhetorical question these days: “Would you go into a restaurant that allows guns?” Yes! Absolutely! I would feel much safer in a restaurant that allowed guns to be brought in. That way if somebody ignored their rules and brought a gun in to shoot up the place, there'd be somebody there to put a couple in him. And maybe I'd be the one to do it. A restaurant that's a “gun-free zone” is a dangerous place to be. Target Stores are “gun-free zones,” and at least TWICE recently people have been shot there. Once in the Target I go to regularly. Yesterday.

MONITORING” HOTEL RESTROOMS: “Big Brother” is here! The feds are now “entertaining” the idea of forcing hotels to install monitoring systems (at their own expense, of course) to monitor how long you spend in the shower, so they can use the date gained to “educate” you on using less water. I wonder how long it will be before they force them to put CAMERAS in to make sure you “do your business efficiently.” Is there NOTHING they won't stick their noses into? Even in the BATHROOM?

OBAMA'S CRYING: He's lying on the floor, kicking his feet like the “spoiled child” he is. The reason? Bibi Netanyahu won his re-election. Everybody knows Obama didn't want him to win, so how did he do it? Obama even sent his henchmen to Israel (at taxpayer expense, of course) to keep him from being re-elected—and still he was re-elected. Obama is “whining like a baby,” stomping his foot, and threatening to REMOVE the sanctions we have on Iran and put them on Israel, our staunchest ALLY in the Middle East—or at least it WAS, until Obama had his temper tantrum.

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