Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Don't Look At the Law"

“Think about the broader implications.” That's what liberals are “dinning” into the minds and spirits of the Supreme Court Justices as they consider the constitutionality of Obama's crimes. What that means is, “Don't do your job as described, and find the constitutionality or UN-constitutionality of the things that come before you.” In other words, “Don't do what the Constitution TELLS you to do, do what WE tell you to do. Make up your minds, not based on the constitutionality of the issue, as the law tells you to do, but do it, based on your INTERPRETATION of the “broader implications,” no matter WHAT the Constitution says.” In other words, “BREAK the law!”

WHY DID HILLARY USE PRIVATE E-MAIL? That question is being asked, a LOT, in the “alternative” news (not the liberal news sources like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, etc. But the answer is simple: to maintain CONTROL over what is released when Congress comes calling with a subpoena for a release of all her e-mails as Secretary of State. If they're all on HER e-mail service, located in her home in Chappaqua, SHE ALONE decides what to release, and what to bury.

WAS PUTIN INVOLVED? Many NON-liberal news sources are asking the question about that well-known airplane disappearance. WAS, uh, Putin involved? Was there somebody on that airplane he wanted to “get at?” Did he scheme to bring it down in a country HE controlled? Are all its passengers now dead and buried there, including whomever he wanted to “get to?” The bloody murder of one of his opposition politicians proves that he'll stop at NOTHING to get his way. Obama is the same, but he just hasn't gained TOTAL control—yet.

BENGHAZI STILL “COOKING”: Nothing real has yet been done about the bloody murders in Benghazi, or Obama and HIllary's culpability therein. There have been a few highly touted congressional “investigations” that have gotten NOWHERE. The LIE about the CAUSE has been exposed, but that's about all. Why did Obama and Hillary conspire to keep the rescue mission OUT of Libya, when it COULD have arrived in a “timely fashion” and maybe saved those diplomatic employees, including that ambassador? Will I go to my grave still wondering? Will you?

OUR VP THE FOOL: He recently said, among his other stupid statements, that “Denying global warming is like denying gravity.” How unmitigatingly STUPID is that? Global warming has been so thoroughly discredited that I'm surprised it's still around. AlGore just changed its name to something a little more innocuous and bland that allowed him to attribute ANY change in climate to his swindle and went right on collecting money to “fight it.” Now that Obama has adopted it, “Ol' Joe” is now promoting it, too, with even less understanding of it.

FERGUSON USED TO PROMOTE RACISM: One of the basic aims of Obama's administration is to fool the nation into thinking racism is still “alive and well” in the land. It is. But not the way he means it. Yes, there IS still a little racism against blacks left, but it is a lot less than it was at Selma. The clue is the number of black mayors there are in the SOUTH, and the number of black congresspeople (men and women) and governors who are black. But the racism rampant today is BLACKS hating WHITES, and Obama has used Ferguson unmercifully to try and convince the nation it's the “old kind” of racism when it's not. Now it's MANUFACTURED racism against WHITES.

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