Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bergdahl A Deserter

It only took the Army—how long?-- to decide what people who pay attention already knew; he was a deserter and probably still working with the Islamic terrorists. He DID manage to engineer the release of FIVE—count 'em-- FIVE bloody murderers who should have been shot on sight when they were captured, so they could go back and kill many more innocent people in their quest to make the whole world Muslim--or dead. Obama worked HARD to stop the Army from declaring him a deserter but he failed. Somebody there had GONADS.

SUSPICIONS CONFIRMED: In Seattle, Washington, the minimum wage is $15 an hour to employ beginners who have no skills, and have to be taught the most basic things in order to be worth anything to an employer. And restaurants are closing in droves because they can't afford to pay them that much and have to spend extra time and effort to teach them how to wait tables. We've told the incompetent politicians who think paying kids too much to LEARN how to be worth any money this will cost jobs, and it is happening, just as we said it would, there. And that doesn't even look at other businesses who employ youngsters with little or NO talents or abilities. Watch for this to happen all over the country if DC passes such a  federal law.

STRINGS ATTACHED FUNDING”: That's what Washington, DC has become. They offer funding for local interests, people get used to getting the money, then Washington “lowers the boom,” telling them what to do while threatening to stop giving them the money if they don't “knuckle under,” and the locals DO. It's a common scam DC uses to gain control over local actions. They've been doing it for years, and Obama is taking full advantage of it.

ALREADY OBSOLETE: One of my new Twitter followers has a post up telling about how slow the government is, noting that the FAA is so slow, the delivery drone they recently approved is obsolete. That's funny. But it has been the same in the road-building and maintenance business forever. They start a project to improve the roads and by the time it is finished, it is obsolete and that road needs ANOTHER improvement project. And NO politician would approve the money to build a road BEYOND current needs to “get ahead of the game.”

HIDING EVERYTHING: Hillary wants to CONTROL what e-mails she allows the government to see, which is why she uses her OWN private system. A system SHE owns. And therefore can CONTROL what e-mails she releases for a subpoena, and destroy those SHE deems to be “personal,” keeping the government OUT of the process of deciding what is personal and what is government business. This is obviously what she planned, from the beginning.

FORGETTING ONE THING: Nothing is FREE. Somebody has to pay for it, and if it is free to YOU, somebody ELSE has to pay for it. Liberals said EVERYBODY has the “right” to his own home, FREE. Which caused the economy to TANK. Not having learned their lesson, liberals (led by Obama) are now saying “Everybody has a RIGHT to a college education, FREE. Again forgetting that SOMEBODY has to pay for those buildings in which they learn, the land on which they sit, the professors who teach, the staff who maintain the buildings, and all the other COSTS of keeping a college going, WITHOUT which, there would BE no colleges.

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