Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Racial Bias Found In Ferguson?

DOJ has released a report in which it SAYS it had found evidence of racial bias in the operation of the Ferguson, MO police department. Do you believe that? I certainly don't, if the source is Obama's DOJ, which is notorious for using the DOJ to back up it's preconceived notions and hide Obama's crimes. Further, I don't trust ANYTHING Obama OR his henchmen say, about ANYTHING. They've been trying to attribute racism to what happened in Ferguson for a long time, and now they have it. They think.

CLINTON HIDING E-MAILS: When Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State, she KNEW everything she did would be PUBLIC, so she never even GOT a government e-mail account, which she knew would be archived, and available to anybody who asked for it. She didn't even use G Mali or Yahoo, or Hot Mail for the same reason. She created (or her “people” created) her OWN e-mail host, which she completely controlled, making it ten times harder for ANYBODY to see ANY of her e-mails, ever. And when she DID have to turn some over, SHE got to decide which ones to turn over, and which ones to hide.

BIBI MADE NANCY CRY: Boo-hoo! She cried because he pointed out all the ways SHE was WRONG in what she has done to Israel in clinging to Obama's foreign policy, if she were honest. But she isn't, so she says Bibi “made her cry” because HE was “wrong.” But we already know Nancy is a FOOL, so anything she says doesn't count. Bibi is the last great statesman left in the world, willing to “call a spade a spade” and “let the chips fall where they may.” Shades of Winston Churchill!

TAKE DOWN THOSE FLAGS! That's what the promoter of a professional pork barbequing organization that was holding a competition told people entering their event the other day. I guess they were frightened of threats from Muslims. But they ought to be more frightened of Muslim protests to their MEAT, which Muslims consider “unclean” and want to eliminate from this Earth, and want to KILL anybody who eats it, or COOKS it. But to tell Americans to take down AMERICAN flags? That's a BIG mistake. Most real Americans would tell them to “go to hell,” as would I. They can take their competition and stick it if they don't like it.

SOROS SUPPORTS INTERNET CONTROL: He and the Ford Foundation have funneled $196 million into the effort to take control of the Internet. They've also provided several people in favor of that into positions of influence in the White House staff. As I've said before, anything that is BAD for America, you can count on Soros to have his fingerprints all over it. Soros is an obvious ENEMY of America. Meanwhile, people who can do something about him have ignored him. Obama ignores him because he USES him in his own un-American and socialist efforts.

OBAMA WILL SIGN IRAN PACT: Whether or not it contains anything GOOD for America. Because he wants to SAY he signed an agreement that will keep Iran from getting nuclear power whether or not it does. Obama will sign ANYTHING he thinks will be to HIS good, even if it causes the complete DOWNFALL of America. He doesn't care about that. He thinks America is bad, anyway.

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