Friday, March 13, 2015

ARE There Bad Cops?

The upheaval in Ferguson, MO, is created for the purpose of making “targets” out of cops all over. ARE there cops who are racist? Yes, certainly. But painting ALL cops with the same brush is the same as painting all black people as BAD. Good cops need to be complimented on doing a thankless job well for the most part, as good black people need to be recognized. Bad cops have to be “rooted out” and expelled from police forces when they do racist things. Bad black folks need to be “rooted out” and imprisoned. That's what we have cops for. You can't “solve” what little racism survives in this country by randomly killing cops, as the promoters of the “unrest” in Ferguson and elsewhere tell you.

TEA PARTY “RACIST”: I wondered what took them so long. They've tried every other way they could to discredit a good organization that came into being to oppose their tries at enslaving us and get good people elected to return this country to the freedom it enjoyed in the past. They can't come up with anything REAL to accuse them of, so out comes the “racist” card. They're scared to death of the Tea Parties because there is no “organization” for them to penetrate and subvert. The “Tea Party” is an IDEA, born of the need to DESTROY everything liberals push—and they're being successful. Thus, the “racist” accusation—with NO PROOF, of course.

MORE IMPORTANT THAN PROFITS: “Apple CEO says that “Fighting climate change is more important than making profits.” This, from the CEO of one of the TOP profit-making companies in existence. It's like most things with liberals—make a lot of money, then decry money making for others. Keeps the competition down, that way. Never mind that “climate change,” and it's parent, “global warming” are a farce—a SWINDLE thought up by former VP AlGore to line his pockets with gold—and has made him a BILLIONAIRE while being DISCRETED many ways. Everybody wants in on on the act if they can make more money from it.

TERRORISTS ARE COMING: The Congressional Terrorist Task Force chair, Robert Pittenger, is telling us to “be prepared to defend ourselves because the Islamic terrorists are “coming.” I guess we need to give this guy a nickname. “Captain Obvious” seems likely to be proper because he's telling us what we ALL should know: the Islamic terrorists badly want to hurt America in her own homeland and are plotting ways to do that, every day. Why do we need a DC politician to tell us that? It's one of the most obvious things there is.

ONE THUG, TWO COPS: A good cop shot and killed one thug, and then thugs shot and killed two cops from ambush in Brooklyn (who were themselves, minorities), and now two cops in Ferguson, itself, have been shot from ambush in Obama's drive to get a good “race war” started to help him make even more limiting laws and “regulations.” I predict: more people (some of them cops) are going to die for Obama's campaign to start a race war. But not ALL cops. Such a campaign's effect WILL include some “collateral damage” as innocent people are killed in the “crossfire.” A lot of thugs will go too, as cops “shoot first and ask questions later” in self-defense.

METHINKS THEY DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH: Secretary of State (chief criminal) John Kerry says, “Climate change is as solid a science as is gravity.” Now he's saying, “Global warming is evolutionary truth.” All this in an effort to convince us that AlGore's SWINDLE is something to worry about, even though it has been discredited six ways to Sunday. It's not just a MINOR problem, it doesn't even EXIST! The “globe” hasn't been warming for more than 15 years while Gore collects $BILLIONS of dollars to support his pollution-spewing private jets and his HUGE house, and all his SUVs.

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