Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Will Replace It?

They keep asking, “If the Supreme Court derails Obamacare, what will the Republicans come up with to replace it?” That, in itself, is a silly concept. They don't NEED to come up with something to replace it. It will be “good riddance” to a bad law. Why do so many idiots think they NEED to replace it? It's a lousy law that screws up the whole health insurance industry, DOUBLING the cost and causing doctors and hospitals to go out of business. It's as logical as the minimum wage law which is costing jobs wherever the minimum wage is highest. No replacement is needed!

NO REGRETS FOR LIE: Harry Reid was asked the other day if he regrets his LIE that Romney had not paid his income tax for at least ten years—a LIE that has been PROVEN to be a lie. At the time he told this lie he said it was “up to Romney to prove he paid his taxes,” but that's a lie, too. Reid made that claim with no proof offered (because there was none). Romney doesn't need to prove ANYTHING. REID is the one with the “burden of proof,” since it is his LIE that was circulated.

VOTE FOR MODERATES—OR LOSE”: That's what the liberals are telling us, in an effort to get us to vote AGAINST our interests because we can't win, otherwise. Which is a damned fool notion and one of their usual scams. Make us think the ONLY proper position to take is THEIRS—which is a Lie. I get real tired of liberals trying to tell me for whom to vote. They told me not to vote for Reagan, too—and Reagan was such a big success they really HATE him, years after his death. They still say “the era of Reagan is over.” They WISH.

IT'S NOT AN ACT: A recent headline read, “Obama is acting just like a traitor.” But it isn't an act—he Is a TRAITOR. Just about everything he does proves it. Like releasing five (count 'em) FIVE mass murderers in return for ONE deserter; ordering our troops in various places attacked by Islamic terrorists to “cut and run,” leaving our guns, ammo, and other military equipment behind, THEREFORE arming terrorists with “plausible deniability.” And appointing KNOWN terrorists to important posts in his administration. I could go on and on, but I don't have room.

WHY CAN'T I HAVE A GUN? I'm a responsible adult who has never had any kind of criminal record. I'm 77 years old and would be absolutely defenseless if confronted even by an UNARMED criminal who wanted what I have earned and wanted to TAKE it. If he is armed, I could be a DEAD MAN, too. The Constitution says I have no RIGHT to be armed, But the politicians have so “muddied the waters” as to make it almost impossible for be to BE armed unless I can prove intense threat to my well-bring, and sometimes not even then. Even then, their silly laws make me wait.

STEALTH GUN BAN”: California has a bill making its way through their legislature to ban guns. Only they don't call it that. That's how their scam works. It will make EVERY gun now in existence in California that ISN'T a “smart gun” illegal so if a gun owner can't afford to buy a new “smart gun” he will have to get rid of the guns he has. THAT'S a gun ban, whatever they call it to “get around the Constitution.” This is a standard scam used to “get around the Constitution” and make unconstitutional laws. Just make a law that EFFECTIVELY does what you want to do, and call it something else, creating lots of income for lawyers.

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