Monday, October 27, 2014

"You Violated Our Religion!"

That’s what the fools being held in Gitmo whine about us starting to use women (whom they consider slaves and second class citizens) to move them around. They say they won't come out of their cells if a woman who is not a relative touches them. They think. After they get a few bruises, they may change their minds--or be put in "the hole." Aawwww. . .poor BABIES!  They’re prisoners because of their willful violations of OUR religion, and they’re mad because we violate theirs. Tough. I think we ought to feed them ham and pork, and tell them “That’s the menu. You don’t like it, starve.” No Halal food. NO Muslim headgear. No prayer rugs, and no special times and places to pray. They take advantage of that, anyway. No little arrows pointing to Mecca. And no beards.

ISIS USES CHEMICAL WEAPONS? There’s a report coming out that says ISIS is using chemical weapons. So what? Isn’t what they do every day bad enough for them to be condemned by the world? Do they have to use chemical weapons for that? Personally, I think mass executions, beheadings of adults AND children, routinely raping women and selling them into sexual slavery is quite enough for the world to condemn them and cooperate in the war for their demise, killing them as they find them. NO imprisonment. No trials. Just execution, right there on the battlefield.

SHE LOVED IT! CNN “infobabe” Carol Costello, supposedly a feminist, laughed like hell at Bristol Palin being attacked and knocked down by a bunch of drunken guys. Now this b-tch would condemn it if she was a liberal being attacked by conservative men. When this story originally came out, it was reported as a “Palin drunken brawl,” the intimation being that the Palins STARTED it, which, of course, was a complete twisting of the facts, which is common when the liberal media reports ANYTHING involving the Palins. What a dumb broad this Costello babe is! But that’s what it takes to work for CNN, the "news outlet" that nobody watches.

WHAT FOOLS THEY ARE: I’ve always said when a fool wants to display the fact that he (she) IS a fool, you should get out of the way and let him/her do it. Well, that happened recently with Hillary Clinton, the Democrats’ favorite to run for president next time. She came right out and said that “Corporations DO NOT “create jobs.” Now that’s the height of STUPIDITY. Where the hell does she think the money Democrats (and Republicans) want to control so badly comes from? Taxes? Where do taxes come from? From American citizens, many of whom work for CORPORATIONS, of course. She thinks GOVERNMENT “creates jobs,” not corporations. What a damned fool she is!

“YOU DIDN’T BUILD THAT”: Obama recently said that, in the usual liberal attempt to take credit for things others accomplished, while PUNISHING achievement otherwise. They have no skills, except that of CONNING themselves into credit for the achievements of others. They seem to think that since you had to use the accomplishments of others to be able to achieve something, that “others” are responsible for YOUR achievements. They fail to understand that those ARE the achievements of others, and they don’t give those people credit for yours. If your achievements weren’t there, those roads and bridges would still be there. They want to take credit for things without the bother of working for it. There were roads and bridges before there was a big government.

OBAMA FINALLY BEAT BUSH: He beat him at SOMETHING, though what he beat him at is not something at which he would LIKE to beat him. According to a recent Gallup poll, 32% of people who voted for him are now indicating a wish to “send him a message” by voting AGAINST him, vs. 31% of people sending BUSH a message the same way amid the Democrats’ unending efforts to make Bush unpopular by lying about him.

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