Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Everything is Racism

If you disagree with ANYTHING Obama proposes, that is. Or if you oppose ANYTHING the Democrats think is “hunky-dory.” It’s the “drop-kick response” Democrats use to put a stop to ANY opposition, right or wrong, before it can even get started. But it’s beginning to unravel. They’ve used it so often, nobody CARES about being so labeled any more. They find many ways to do it, including the “code word” scam, describing certain words as “code words” for “hidden racism. What a bunch of FOOLS!

THERE IS NO WAR ON WOMEN! Not unless you consider the one the DEMOCRATS are waging against every female politician EXCEPT Hillary Clinton, their “chosen one” to be the next president. The only “war on” anything right now is the “war on Christianity” being waged by the Islamic terrorists and the Democrats (a redundancy, there?). That war has become obvious by the fact that there are so many actions AGAINST Christians being taken by many different factions, just about all of them liberals.

LYNCHINGS COMING BACK? Typical Democrat fear mongering. Now they’re saying if the Republicans win, lynchings will come back. Is that a threat? The only people that would apply to are Democrats, and making a threat like that is a felony. Unless, of course, you’re a politician, and there are no rules for the lies you tell. And Democrats tell the most lies, so they’re not hard to spot.

DEATH OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: In a Christian nation, giving schools ORDERS to have Muslim imams lead assemblies is against the law. But politicians don’t care about that. They do what they do, and if nobody displays a backbone, they get away with it. Of course, this is happening in England, where they have no “Bill of Rights.” But how long will it be before it comes here with the stupid politicians we have in office today. Imams will push Islam to the students, but that’s Obama’s goal.

“PRE-CRIME GUN CONFISCATION”: That’s what will happen in New York State if a law being considered passes into law. This law allows the state to take away guns from anybody they “DEEM” to be a “danger to himself or others.” It’s similar to a law now in effect in Governor Moonbeam’s California and is a big step toward general gun confiscation. What controls the REASONS guns can be taken with no crime being committed?

OBAMA PREPARING TO LEGALIZE ILLEGALS: He has ordered 4 MILLION “green cards” for use AFTER THE ELECTION. Apparently, he plans to “legalize” at least that many illegal aliens right after the election while he is still president. He is doing many onerous things “after the election.” This makes it even more important not to allow “lame duck” politicians to make important decisions and dictates when they KNOW they will be out of office soon.

DON’T THEY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO? They’re still trying to change the name of the “Redskins” team. Where the hell are their priorities? Terrorists are running wild all over the world, killing “non-believers. Obama is spending money like water and growing the government like nobody’s business while doing everything he can to HELP the terrorists and is using OUR tax money to FINANCE their murderous operations. He has more scandals than I can name, and they’re worried about forcing a change to the name of a sports team? Damn!

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