Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Tax Breaks for the Rich"

That’s a phrase I hear a lot in all the political ads I hear just about any time of year. It seems like there isn’t a time when the airwaves aren’t filled with political ads. And this is one of my “filtering” phrases; phrases I use to ELIMINATE anybody who uses it, because it shows the user had collectivist (socialist) tendencies. There is no such thing as “tax breaks for the rich” in the laws they cite. What they’re talking about is “a tax break for EVERYBODY, including the rich.” Disliking these shows simple JEALOUSY of people who ARE rich, and has no place in my lexicon. It's socialism in action.

MUSLIMS ARE “SPECIAL?” In Tampa. FL. A Muslim attacked a street preacher while the cops watched. When the preacher put the Muslim fool in a headlock, the cops intervened, refusing to watch the video of the whole thing, saying they SAW it. They cited the Muslim, but cited the preacher, too, which was stupid. The preacher was ENTITLED to defend himself. The Muslim had already assaulted him. But in Obama’s America, Muslims are “special” and should never be “roughed up,” even if they are committing violence on an innocent person.

“LONE WOLF” TERRORISTS: This is a definite danger to everybody in the United States. Individual malcontents who are “recruited” by Islamic terrorists in jail or prison who blame “the system” for problems they caused themselves and want to “get back” at “society.” They don’t usually care about the whole Muslim thing, but are just “playing into the hands” of the Jihadists to do their dirty work. There are way too many such fools in the United States. We CAN keep track of those, at least, who travel to the Middle East for training in terrorist skills and refuse them re-entry into the United States. Maybe it’s time to take the passports away from felons, along with their right to vote, or own guns.

LOOK AT MOSQUES: They are NOT places of worship. They are secret terrorist enclaves, run by hidden Islamic terrorists who run their terrorist cells out of them. They also “recruit” malcontents to go out and do the “dirty work” of the Jihadists, whether or not they believe in their foolishness. These “recruits” just want to “get back at” society and, being malcontents, care not about how many people die as a result. We have to get a ”leg up” on this, and forget the “religion” thing, since Islam is NOT a real religion.

WHAT PURPOSE, DRINKING? No, I’m not a “temperance” person. I don’t have anything against drinking, and I fully realize that prohibition did not work, and will not work, because there are to many stupid people in this country, and the world. What I DO wonder is, what is the PURPOSE of drinking? Just one. To get drunk. But WHY? Yes, “moderation” is a good thing, but too many people don’t “drink in moderation,” and manage to get themselves in trouble, sometimes at the cost of somebody else’s life (sometimes their own). We need a campaign to get intelligent people to stop drinking WILLINGLY, and end this society where, supposedly, EVERYBODY drinks. That would save a lot of lives, and ruined lives.

SECRET SERVICE SLOPPY: The Secret Service has gotten sloppy. All the recent scandals, including the hiring of prostitutes while they’re out of the country on duty, plus all the reports of sloppy border control at the White House. Maybe they’re taking a page out of Obama’s book on border control at our Southern border. Whatever, they’ve become sloppy and useless. To let this one guy get so far into the White House grounds with NOBODY seeing him, not even those stationed on the roof with only ONE JOB, to SEE an intruder, and to get so far inside the building housing the president, to be tackled by an “off-duty” SS man who shouldn’t even have been there. The SS needs to be completely restructured, and run by an INTELLIGENT person.

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