Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Totally Stupid Liberals

Have you ever SEEN so many stupid people? Islamic terrorists are killing, maiming, raping adults, even beheading innocent CHILDREN. But liberals still love them. Bill Maher is a “certified liberal.” I hate almost everything he says. Almost. Recently, he spoke out against Islamic terrorists, and all his friends are shunning him and giving him hell. Islamic terrorists are the lowest form of life. Note, I didn’t say, HUMAN life, because people who do such things are NOT human. Yet the liberals still love them. And they will be the first KILLED if, and when Obama allows them to “take over” here. If that doesn’t show their abysmal stupidity, nothing ever will.

MORE VOTING MACHINE “MISCALIBRATION”: This time in Maryland. The machines involved changed Republican votes to—guess what? DEMOCRAT votes. Frankly, I think this is happening all over the country, and Democrats have been doing a pretty good job of hiding it—except in a couple of places. I think ALL voting machines should be “recalibrated,” under Republican AND Democrat supervision. And they should be continually inspected during the election to make sure they don’t get “calibrated” back to vote-stealing mode Democrats put there, in the first place. It’s a “calibration issue.” Sure. Democrats calibrated it to steal votes.

WHAT’S IT FOR? The question has been asked: “If “gun control” doesn’t reduce violent crime, what is its purpose? If the asker can’t figure it out, maybe I can help. It’s to keep guns out of the hands of most HONEST people so the government won’t meet as many guns when they come to take your property, and your rights. They’ve been trying to disarm the populace since before the ink dried on the signing of the Constitution. If they come for my guns, I’ll give them to them—one bullet at a time.

AUTOMATING ORDERING: McDonald’s is “taking action” to minimize the effect of the new minimum wage law on their business by instituting “digital ordering,” So you can get your order in without ever talking to an employee. Which means LOTS fewer employees and lower costs. The Jack-In-The-Box in Denver is already doing that, and has been, for some time. As predicted, companies are hiring fewer unskilled, just entering the workforce people than ever before, meaning there will be a SHORTAGE of such jobs soon. And it’s those beginners who will suffer. Better to get paid a little less when you know nothing than nothing at all when you can’t find a job.

“NO NEGATIVE ADS”: That’s what Colorado Governor Hickenlooper claims, while running all kinds of “negative ads” against his opponent, and threatening to commute the sentence of a “mass killer” before he leaves office if he isn’t re-elected. This is “no negativity?” What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff! I used to like Hickenlooper, before he demonstrated his REAL persona after he got elected governor. He’s a “tax and spend Democrat” like all the others, and worse than most. I favor sending him back to make more beer.

MICHELLE GRIPES ABOUT NOT BEING PAID: And being First Lady is such an awfully hard job! Yeah, million dollar “vacations” around the world, staying in $3,000.00 a night hotel rooms, billed to the taxpayer if she makes one speech, and having her own personal chef. Getting driven around like royalty amid armed security while she joins her husband in trying to disarm the nation. It’s really HARD! How many wives do you know who get paid for being their husband’s wife? What the hell makes her think being the president’s wife is any different? Yeah, she DOES spend a lot of time meddling in our children’s eating habits, something she decided to do, on her own.

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