Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gay Marriage Now Legal

Since the Supreme Court has declined to rule on several cases involving gay marriage, attorneys general in several states (including Colorado) have decided to take that as a ruling FOR gay marriage and advise county clerks everywhere to issue marriage licenses to any gays who apply. Never mind that when they DO rule, they might rule otherwise, and the damage to the term, “marriage” will already have been done.

METASTASIS OF AL-QAIDA: Obama and his crew won’t admit it, but ISIS is simply an outgrowth of al-Qaida. He thinks he “whupped ‘em” a long time ago (at least, he says so) and this is just different bunch. The truth (which he denies) is that they are al-Qaida under a new name. I think Obama and his bunch just don’t want us to know that Islamic terrorism is a GROWING THREAT, and the longer we *(Obama and his bunch) ignore it, the stronger they become, until they become strong enough to attack us here. We need to get rid of Obama and all those who think the way he thinks—as soon as we possibly can—before Islamic terrorists become strong enough to come here and make America another Afghanistan.

HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? How anybody who supported Obama can expect to be re-elected is beyond me. Obama has almost as many unresolved scandals as there are days left in his administration. Smart Democrats are fleeing from his image as fast as they can. But not all of them are smart. Some of them say Obama was a GOOD president and are running on his “coattails." Nancy Peelosi, for example, says, “People who oppose Obama are traitors and racists.” That’s the kind of thing Nancy does. Make outrageous statements she can’t prove, and expect us to believe her.

HONEST POLITICIAN FOUND: When I saw that headline, I rushed to see who it was, and who was promoting him/her. But it was a farce campaign, to point out the foolishness in politics, today. It’s funny, but it’s not real. The thought of an honest politician made my heart palpitate, but they let me down. It’s really good, though. It hits the nail right on the head. Now, if they’d just do that with those ubiquitous fat-reducer ads. (Honest Politician)

RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE: Muslims whine all the time about “religious intolerance” when we take measures against Islamic terrorists and their atrocities, but Muslims are the worst “religiously intolerant” bunch in the world. To prove it, Boko Haram (an Islamist bunch in Nigeria) are burning Christian churches. They’ve burned 185 so far. Which is one reason I don’t get too upset when they whine about how much we victimize them for their “religion.” Which is not a religion, at all. It is a political bunch that CLAIMS to be a religion so they can demand the perks we give religions. They also use their phony claim to be a religion to recruit many fools to their “cause” to “convert” as many people as possible, or KILL them if they can’t convert them.

SCIENTISTS GROWING PENISES: They’re growing penises to replace those removed by radical surgery in cancer cases and those not functional due to different reasons. I wonder if they can make them larger than usual. That would create the biggest “growth industry” ever. Bigger even than the Viagra industry. If they thought they could make a lot of money helping guys who couldn’t get it to cooperate, how much could they make to give one to a guy who either didn’t have one, or did have one, that didn’t function? I only know it’s probably not going to happen in my lifetime. Damn!

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