Sunday, October 19, 2014

Obama "Downplaying" Ebola Deaths

What is WRONG with this man! He’s not only not telling us just how many people have DIED of Ebola in Africa, he’s bringing known Ebola patients HERE so they can infect Americans. It has already happened in Texas. One man flew here while showing symptoms and was sent home, only to come back, and DIE while infecting (that we know of) TWO nurses who cared for him. What is Obama up to? Or is he just STUPID?

ARE THEY TAKING STUPID PILLS? Thirty students (I assume college students) were asked to sign an “Ebola equality” petition and 17 of them indicated a willingness to bring Ebola patients into their own homes. I know college kids aren’t too smart, but this is ABYSMAL stupidity. It sometimes amazes me how such people live to become adults. And if they DO allow Ebola patients into their homes, they won’t

DEMANDING FACEBOOK PASSWORD: Did you know that the cops in Watervliet, NJ, demand access to applicants’ Facebook password when they make an application for a gun?. Whatever made them think they had the RIGHT to make such a demand, I don’t know. In any case, some local “officials” have no idea what they’re doing, and not only have never read the Constitution, but disdain it. Candidates for such offices should be MADE to read the Constitution, and also take a “comprehension test” on it before being ALLOWED to to run for office.

SOME BUREAUCRAT’S WORD: That’s all it takes under Obama to make you into a terrorist. No evidence; no proof of ANYTHING. Just the OPINION of ONE PERSON. A cop, a bureaucrat, a politician who has decided he doesn’t like you, nothing else. You get no chance to contest it, and your life is ruined. And there’s no way to get your name off Obama’s “terrorist list.” You will forever be stained with the words, “on the terrorist list.” Whenever you apply for a job, or anything else, it will come up, true or not.

PHONY WARRANT: Fed thugs raided the home of a man who criticized Obama and couldn’t get in, even though they waved a phony “warrant” in his face. He “ran them off” with a legally-owned gun in his hand (he’s lucky to be alive). They went to the local cops and told them there was a “man with a gun,” not saying he was in his own home, his gun was legal, and they were trying to illegally enter. Nashville cops declined to kill him and help them ILLEGALLY enter his home. They complained to DC and got a big YAWN. This is “America today.”

IT’S LIKE THE MAFIA: Think about what it would be like if the Mafia took over in Washington. If a Mafia capo got elected president. What would your life be like? Well, that’s pretty much what we have now. A bunch of gangsters running our government, and plotting how to keep ON running it. They’ve already stolen TRILLIONS of dollars of our money while printing more trillions in counterfeit money to cover it up. They’re “making their own laws” while ignoring Congress, which is too cowed to object. Wake up, people! We’ve been “taken over” by CRIMINALS! It’s time we admitted it, and DID something about it!

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