Saturday, October 11, 2014

So Stupid I Can't Speak!

Gwyeth Paltrow says, in introducing Obama at a $1,000.000 a plate fund raiser being held at her house, “It would be wonderful if we could give this man all the power he needs.” What an amazingly STUPID woman this is! Yes, if we gave Obama the power he needs, we’d be living under a dictatorship with him as the dictator (It may happen, anyway). It is brainless boobs like this that are responsible for people like Adolph Hitler coming to power in Germany and causing a world war. I’m sure he had his stooges, too. It amazes me how much STUPID you can pack into such a good-looking body.

MANY NAMES: I’m listening to a litany of all the different names the Islamic terrorists operate under, with the radio host (Mike Rosen) asking how we can tell them apart. The answer is easy. Don’t bother. They’re all the same people. You might as well just call them al-Qaida, because that’s who they are. They use all those different names to confuse us—and it works, with people who pay no attention to politics. It's like a bunch of bank branches. They're all the same people, just under different names. The fact remains, they’re all Islamic terrorists bent on converting us ALL to Islam, or killing us. I think Rosen is just saying that to make us think.

ABORTION A “RIGHT?” USA Today says it is, and by so doing shows their abysmal stupidity. MURDER is not a “right.” Infanticide is not a “right.” Is it a crime for me to push an ice pick into the brain of an adult and kill him/her, but not if he/she is an infant, still in the womb? Is it legal to kill a person in the womb, but not one minute after he comes out? Yes, a baby IS a “person,” no matter how much abortion murderers say it isn’t, because somebody conned the Supreme Court into making one of its stupidest decisions since declaring slavery constitutional.

WHAT HAPPENED TO KIM? Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea, hasn’t been seen nor heard from in a month. We have, however, seen his younger sister, attending several important gatherings he normally would not miss. Is he ill, in a coma in the hospital, as is rumored? Or is he dead, “taken out” by his little sister, so she could be the “beloved leader?” Frankly, I think she killed him and is in the process of consolidating her power before announcing his demise. That’s the way it is, with dictators.

OVER AND OVER: Just as the left did regarding Hitler, as well as the Bolsheviks, they are “in denial” about Islamic expansionism, and the terrorism that supports it. They make excuses for them as they behead women and little children, take young girls into sexual slavery while calling us “evil” and “corrupt.” Just as the left ignored the threat of Hitler and Lenin, they today ignore the threat of Islamic expansionism.  I could make light of the strength of the terrorists, as Obama has done. But I won’t. I have INTELLIGENCE, as Obama either does not, or is “in league with them,” doing everything he can to help them advance in strength. We’d better “wake up,” before it’s too late.

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