Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Gawd! We're DOOMED!

Well, that might be a bit much, but the very fact that Obama “assures us” that Ebola can’t come here is prima facie evidence that is CAN. We’ve already had the first DEATH in this country from Ebola. Yes, he got it in Africa, but he unnecessarily came here to die, and there’s no telling how many people he infected on the way. ANYTHING Obama says is a LIE. And if he says Ebola can’t come here, you can depend on the fact that it WILL, and many people will die because of his LIE.

WIMPY RESPONSE: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more wimpy response to an act of war by enemies of the United States. Because Obama told us the terrorists were defeated, he refuses to acknowledge the gains they have made in Iraq after his troops were ordered to “cut and run,” leaving millions of dollars’ worth of our ordinance and equipment behind, to be captured by ISIS and used against us (that may have been the plan). He says there will “be no boots on the ground,” when that is what will be REQUIRED after all is said and done. His air strikes have had NO EFFECT on ISIS operations.

FEEDING AND ARMING THE ENEMY: Does anybody with INTELLIGENCE believe that it was a MISTAKE to drop food and arms to Islamic terrorists? I certainly don’t. Obama was RAISED by Muslims, MENTORED by Muslim communists, and that MUST have helped him form his thinking about Muslims. Else why would he “rule” in favor of the Muslims every chance he gets? He revealed that when he spoke admiringly about the Muslim “call to prayer.”

NFL FORCED TO BE “CONDITIONED”: NFL owners are being REQUIRED to watch a 40-minute “presentation” (conditioning session”) on domestic violence. This is not a diatribe FOR domestic violence, it is AGAINST “required conditioning.” It is hoped watching this “presentation” will change their minds about domestic violence (if they APPROVE of it, which I doubt). It infuriates me whenever I hear about various organizations being REQUIRED to attend such sessions. It sounds like Soviet Russia. Avis once demanded I attend such a session. I refused. I threatened a lawsuit and they backed off.

RACE WHORES DESCEND ON DALLAS: Jesse Jackson is there, and so is Al Sharpie—er, uh, Sharpton. I haven’t heard if “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan is there yet, but those two are bad enough. They made their plane reservations as soon as they heard that a black man was the first to die of Ebola in the United States. They’re already saying he was “turned away” from a hospital because he had no insurance, without bothering to mention it didn’t happen in America (it’s against the law), it happened in Africa. They didn’t have far to go, since they were all in Ferguson, MO, where the current "action" was..

PUSHING OBAMA TO RESIGN: Don’t believe it! Obama is way too arrogant to ever even ENTERTAIN the idea of resignation. Nixon was arrogant, too. I think arrogance is a requirement to become president. But he was “between a rock and a hard place” and saw no other way out. Not so with Obama. So far, everything is going his way. We are far down the road toward collectivism (socialism), he has managed to put off investigation into his many scandals (with the help of the Republican leadership) and resignation is the furthest thing from his mind. In his mind, he is VERY successful, and to think he would resign is ignorance.

WHITE HOUSE BURIES SS SCANDAL: They told their staff to “sit on” that Secret Service Prostitution Scandal until AFTER the election. But it got out, anyway, and even then it had no effect on the Secret Service. It tool a crazy getting through their ranks and right INTO the presidential residence building, to be apprehended by an OFF-DUTY Secret Service man to cost the head of the agency her job.

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