Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"Honest" Criminals

There are two kinds of criminals: the HONEST ones, who just put a gun in your face and demand money and property you worked for while not claiming NOT to be a criminal. Then there are the politicians and bureaucrats, who pretend they’re “doing something good” when they take your money and property—and your rights. I don’t mind paying reasonable taxes. But the tax bill we’re required to pay today is far from being “reasonable,” and if we refuse to pay it, they call us “tax cheats” while people like Lois Lerner use the tax laws to block people from exposing the tricks of politicians from doing business by treating THEM like criminals and making them wait to get the tax-free status to which they’re entitled, which costs them a lot of money.

LOSING CONFIDENCE IN OBAMA: That’s what they’re saying about his false assurances about Ebola. But that’s a LOAD. Obama HAS no credibility, about ANYTHING, due to the fact that ANY time he says ANYTHING, it has been a lie.  That's provable. His biggest ;lies have come to support his “trademark robbery,” Obamacare. He would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. Most politicians LIE, sometimes. Obama lies ALL the time. The truth is just not in this fool.

HILLARY “WALKING IT BACK”: She now knows her crack about corporations NOT creating jobs is so patently false that even people who don’t pay attention to politics know it’s a lie. So now she’s trying to “walk it back” by saying what she was saying is something entirely different; yet another lie. These people are so brazen, nobody even expects them to tell the truth, any more. That may be a good thing. Now you can find out the truth by seeing what they said, and knowing the truth is just the opposite. It’s as clear and dependable as night following day.

VOTING MACHINES RIGGED FOR DEMOCRATS: Why is it that every time we find a voting machine rigged to favor one party over the other, the party it favors is the DEMOCRAT Party? That’s an easy one: the Democrats are the ones who RIG them! They tell us there IS no “voter fraud,” citing the lack of reports of it. They fail to mention that they oppose ANY effort to create ways to FIND voter fraud to make sure they can keep on doing it. Example: “picture ID required for voting.” They fight this, tooth and nail so they can keep on having their people vote many times.

PRIORITIES SKEWED: ISIS is rampaging in Iraq, murdering, raping, beheading CHILDREN and adults; selling young women into sex slavery. America’s finances are is the toilet; our credit rating is slipping; our president has committed us to things that have spent more money than there IS, while he gaily prints more—trillions of dollars with nothing behind it. He has RUINED the health insurance industry with Obamacare. Taxes are higher than ever before, much higher than that for which we went to war, and the government is working night and day to INCREASE them even more. Obama is fast LOSING the war we WON in Iraq, and what are politicians fighting over? Changing the name of a sports team and allowing men to “marry” men while women “marry” women. This world is “going to hell in a handbasket” and THAT’S what they’re arguing about?

TEA PARTY SCARES THEM TO DEATH: Have you been wondering why liberals (Democrats) work so hard to discredit the “Tea Parties? Why they LIE about them and try to blame them for everything that is wrong in the world, today? Why they try and make us think they’re worse than Islamic terrorists? That’s easy for people who pay attention: they’re frightened. They see all the gains the Tea Parties are making in getting rid of Democrats and other liberals and it has them dirtying their drawers. They can’t tell the truth about them and get rid of them, so they do what they usually do: they “make it up.” They LIE about them and DARE you to disbelieve them.

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