Friday, October 3, 2014

"Are We Better Off Now?"

Obama is stealing Reagan’s rhetoric, but LYING about the answer. He says, “Are we better off than when I took office?” Maybe, a little. But we were in pretty bad shape then, due to the machinations of the Democrats. Yes, the Republicans WERE in power at the time, but we were suffering under the effects of the Democrat-passed, and Democrat-protected “Community Reinvestment Act of 1976” that MANDATED banks loaning money to people who could NOT pay it back, GUARANTEEING the recession they forced on us by shutting down Fannie and Freddy, just at the END of the Republican administration to guarantee Democrats a victory in the 2008 elections.

AIM THE BLAME WRONG: As usual, liberals are aiming their “arrows” in the wrong direction. They’re BANNING “skinny jeans” and other “provocative clothing” from being worn in some schools, because of the “effect it has on teachers and other male students” (Some females, too, I expect). But instead of blaming the pervs who are teaching in our schools, they blame the girls and the way they dress. Some of those girls would titillate certain men if they wore a paper sack to school. But what they wear is NOT to blame.

WHY DO THEY LIE? Rush Limbaugh wonders, “Why does the government lie, and hide the facts in the Ebola situation?” The answer is simple: it’s a “knee-jerk reaction.” They’ve always got a good excuse to lie to us. “They don’t want to frighten us.” They think we’re so “tender” that we can’t  handle certain things that THEY can. And, of course, most of them, like Obama, would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. It’s just what they DO. I’ve learned NEVER to believe, nor rely on, what the government tells me.

GUNS FOR BROKERS: In Utah, real estate brokers are now carrying guns after the recent murder of a broker who was showing a house. Anti-gun fools are incensed. They can’t see any reason for real estate brokers to be armed. They think that will lead to gunfights over listings. They’re stupid, that way. They think brokers should remain defenseless against illegally-armed robbers waiting for them at the homes they list. They have no faith in the responsibility of those real estate brokers.

GUNS IN “NO-GUN ZONE”: Again proving my theory that “gun-free zones” don’t work, we have had yet another ARMED robbery at a McDonald’s restaurant after McDonald's declared themselves "gun-free." When are these DOLTS going to realize that things like “gun-free zones” are a “fool’s paradise,” and don’t work? Like taking guns away from responsible people while criminals get their guns easily is the work of a damned FOOL. But we know that about the anti-gun crowd, don’t we? We need some new politicians. People who have common sense about gun control.

EBOLA INCOMPETENCE: Obama is going to have an Ebola outbreak here if he doesn’t start acting responsibly regarding the outbreak in Africa. They have made NO provisions to “screen” people coming her from Africa, and have allowed many Ebola PATIENTS entry, without keeping them separate from other people. Soon, liberals will be saying keeping them separate “violates their civil rights.” Never mind the civil rights of the people they infect with this deadly disease.

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