Saturday, October 4, 2014

They'll Try Anything

At least one anti-gun group is trying to lay blame on the NRA for the rise of Ebola in this country, instead of Obama’s incompetence. It’s like the Global warming fools: anything that happens, to them, is because of global warming (whatever they call it, now) That’s one reason why you can’t depend on ANYTHING the anti-gun fools say to be the truth. They have no definitive facts to back up their theories, so they make up the “facts” as they go along.

TEA PARTY DEATH EXAGGERATED: The liberals would dearly LOVE for the Tea Parties to be dead, and they continue to say they are, hoping it will be true. But it’s not, and never will be, so long as liberals work as hard as they do to taker away our rights and use our money to do it. The Tea Party candidates have won many elections, already, and will win many more, as long as Obama’s policies outrage Americans. And they will. He doesn’t know how to do otherwise.

INVENTED BY FEDS TO KILL BLACKS: That’s what “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan says about Ebola. He must be suffering lower “collections” from his fools, and needs more money coming in. People stupid enough to believe ANYTHING this fool says are also fool enough to believe this kind of crap, and give him more money. Louie needs to keep saying fool things like this to keep his “followers” whipped up into a racial frenzy. That’s how he makes his money, after he murdered his predecessor to gain the top spot.

THEIR STUPIDITY AMAZES ME: Author Naomi Klein says, “China is NOT communist.” What planet has she been living on? What has she been smoking? China has been a communist country for a LONG time! They call THEMSELVES communist! Nobody with brains can deny that, but that’s exactly what this fool does. I’ve just marked her off my list of authors to read. I’m not recommending a boycott, I’m just marking her off MY list, mostly because of stupidity on her part. She blames an imaginary “problem”  (global warming) on capitalism and calls China a capitalist country. She’s DELUDED!

WE’RE HURTING ISIS: In spite of Obama’s intent to do as little damage as possible to ISIS in our bombing raids, it seems like we ARE actually doing them some damage (I guess the generals are better at picking targets than Obama is). They recently released yet another video displaying “evidence” that we have bombed hospitals and civilian living quarters, and threatening “retaliation” if we don’t stop. They neglect to mention that’s where they put their munitions, quarter their men, and the like. My question is, how do we tell the difference between “retaliation” and “business as usual?” All they have to do is stop killing innocent people and we would stop bombing them. But that’s not going to happen. They’ve taken their stupid pills and they’re just going to have to live (or die) with it.

THEY’VE MADE IT PERSONAL: Killing innocent people is bad enough. But the Islamic terrorists have taken to kidnapping INDIVIDUALS (not combatants) and beheading them very publicly, telling us they’d stop if we just surrendered. What damned fools they are! Soon they will not be able to kidnap people and behead them. We will identify those responsible and KILL them, and their beheading series will be over. And their antics will have just made us more vicious in our retaliation. More of them will die, and more painfully.

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