Sunday, October 5, 2014

Obama is Furious

That’s what the headline says, but it does not have anything to do with the Ebola pandemic. It refers to Bush's response to a Flu pandemic a few years ago, and he criticized Bush’s response. Obama’s response to this pandemic is way WORSE, but he can’t remember back that far. Millions are going to die in the United States because of Obama’s mishandling of this problem, but the liberal media isn’t going to make anything out of it. We have to GET RID of this incompetent fool!

FULL CONFIDENCE IN SS: Josh Earnest, presidential liar, when asked “Where was the anger” that a man got clear across the lawn (which is supposed to be under observation by men with nothing to do but watch for that) and into the White House residence before being apprehended by an OFF-DUTY Secret Service man who wasn't even supposed to be there, he said, “We have full confidence in the Secret Service.. Which shows their complete STUPIDITY. I guess we have to face the possibility of having Joe as president.

DID IT START WITH GARY HART? A long time ago, candidate Gary Hart DARED the media to follow him around, and they did. They found his girl friend and his boat, “Monkey Business,” where he had his assignations with her, and his political career was over (Today, being caught in an  assignation would get you a round of applause). But did “gotcha journalism” start with Gary Hart? Fox News is asking that question, and the answer is, NO. A BIG “no.” “Gotcha journalism” has been a staple “arrow” in the journalist’s quiver for as long as I can remember—and I can remember a LONG time ago.

“A BADGE OF HONOR”: That’s what Fox’s Chris Wallace says about Obama’s recent “swipe” at Fox. He says, the only reason Obama doesn’t like us is we’re doing our job.” He said, "Fox thinks Obamacare doesn’t work, but in the real world it does (paraphrased, but the meaning is obvious)." But it DOESN’T. It has DOUBLED the cost of health care, made it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get, and impossible to be able to afford. That isn’t “working” in my lexicon. But then, Obama wouldn’t know if it’s working, or not. He isn’t intelligent enough.

OBAMA IS DANGEROUS! He tells us it’s not likely Ebola will make it here, while he allows THOUSANDS of people who have been exposed to Ebola to come here from Africa. Ebola has KILLED 3,000 people in Africa, and his people (under his orders) let “carriers” into the United States, willy-nilly. I wonder what he’s going to tell the families of dead Ebola patients in the United States when (not IF) it gets here. This guy just doesn’t care how many people die. If he did, he’d do something about it.

THEY FOUND JIHADI JOHN”: So why is he still alive? Because they think the job of killing him will be “too hard.” They fear failure. They say drones over Syria have seen him AND his potential victims in their orange jump suits. But those drones, that have done such a good job in other places, didn’t send him an explosive gift or a lead surprise. Why? They think they might fail, and they would be embarrassed. It is this kind of wimpy performance (or lack of it) that has allowed ISIS to grow like they have. And as long as Obama is “in charge,” it will continue, and we will continue to lose ground to ISIS.

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