Monday, October 13, 2014

"Fear Mongers"

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews sneers that,” Worries about ISIS come from “political hucksters” pushing the “fear button.” What? Does Matthews get a daily (or even hourly) STUPID shot? Doesn’t he know about ISIS taking over most of Iraq while raping all the good-looking women and beheading the rest? Or about them beheading little girls after raping them? How about their penchant for murdering everybody who doesn’t believe EXACTLY the same way they do? How about their threats to “raise the ISIS flag over the White House? And the many Islamic terrorists who are coming in via Obama’s “porous border?” Matthews will be among the first people killed when they take over if we adopt his attitude. And it will be good riddance to bad rubbish.

DO COPS SHOOT THE MOST BLACKS? Not according to REAL research. When you take REAL numbers, the cops shot people (some blacks) just 8 times, compared to 172 MURDERS *many black on black) in the St..Louis area, just this year. That kinda takes the wind out of the sails of those who try to say cops shoot blacks way to often. As usual, it’s not true. The demonstrators in Ferguson are all shook up about a “problem” that doesn’t exist. It’s something that’s been “whipped up” by race whores like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

MSNBC FLOUNDERING: And they can’t figure out why, mostly because they won’t admit that being as “far left” as they are, they’re “putting off” most of their viewers. They’re now running behind CNN in the ratings. And that’s BAD.CNN is similarly in trouble because of their liberal slant. Rachel Maddow and “Morning Joe” are suffering greatly in the numbers. Chris Matthews, their best-known mouthpiece, just barely topped 100,000 viewers; so far behind the lowest rated Fox show they don’t even know his show exists. Except that his stupid statements always make news. (American Thinker)

IS CASTRO STILL ALIVE? Just barely. There are conflicting stories about him, including the one about him being kept alive on an oxygen machine in the basement of a hidden building to the “word” that he is actually dead and they’re keeping it from the Cuban people. "More than half a century of building socialism; billions of dollars in aid, first from the Soviet Union and later Venezuela; decades of repression in the name of socialist idealism. Yet Cuba is still such a mess that tens of thousands are risking their lives to get out." (NYT) The only thing that kept it alive this long is the billions of dollars sent there to “prop him up” first by Russia, later by Venezuela. The fact is, he took a once thriving country and ruined it, making it the place nobody wants to live.

TO REBUILD PALESTINIAN TUNNELS: Obama is sending $212 billion to Palestinians. They SAY it’s to help rebuild the homes and infrastructure destroyed in the recent 7-week war between Israel and Gaza, which destroyed a lot of homes and infrastructure while killing a LOT of Palestinians. The money will no doubt go toward rebuilding the tunnels Hamas uses to get closer to Israel with their rocket bombs, Of course, Israel gets the blame, even though what they did was in RETALIATION for all the damage done by the rocket bombing every day by Palestinians in Gaza.

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