Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not "Outnumbered"

The new show on Fox involving four beautiful young women and ONE man called, “Outnumbered” should be renamed, “LEGS,” because that’s all that can be seen in the many “long shots” that are so common, letting viewers see all those beautiful long legs revealed by the short skirts these women always wear (I think it's a dress code"). It’s not that I’m complaining; I like looking at women’s legs as much as any man. I just think this show is misnamed.

OBAMACARE A “HUGE SUCCESS?” Really? Barbara Boxer (D-CA) says it is, ignoring facts. Facts like it has DOUBLED rates, or MORE. It had caused more people to be WITHOUT health insurance than have it. What "evidence" allows her to say “proves” it? Nobody knows, least of all, her. Like most Democrats, she tries to fool us into thinking Obama himself is a “big success,” even though his approval numbers are at an all-time LOW. But Democrats ignore such things if they might prove them wrong. How people like Boxer get, and keep their jobs after showing such ignorance would be beyond me if I didn’t know where she came from.

EBOLA’S THIRD VICTIM: It is a nurse that cared for the first victim until his death. And she is known to have flown across country (twice) and “possibly” infected hundreds of passengers on the same airplanes. Obama says we are NOT going to see an Ebola outbreak in this country, but the CDC is still mandating Ebola treatment centers, with special restrictions, at least ONE in every state. If there isn’t going to be an “Ebola outbreak,” why are these needed? Obama said it, so it’s got to be FALSE. Watch for an “outbreak” in your town, soon.

GROUNDS FOR REMOVAL: In Houston, Texas, the mayor, who is gay, has told local preachers to “turn over” their sermons, sermon notes, and any other paperwork related to sermons to her so she can “evaluate” them and decide if they are “homophobic.” Now she denies that, blaming it in “staffers,” backing away. I don’t know about that, but just THINKING that way is “grounds for removal from office” for any politician who thinks it. She has backed WAY off from it after the outcry.

THIS WEEK’S OBSESSION: Every week the news media (including Fox) obsesses over something, and goes “wall-to-wall” with it. This week it’s Ebola. I’m getting tired of hearing the word “Ebola.” The top story on EVERY news source is Ebola. They’re now onto congressional HEARINGS on Ebola and the INEFFICIENCY with which our government has handled it. Yes, I know Ebola and its spread is important. But not so important that Ebola should be the ONLY story in the news. A couple of weeks ago it was that legless athlete who shot and killed his “girlfriend” through the door of his bathroom and claimed it was an accident and his trial, where he escaped any real punishment. They looked at it from every possible angle, including an anal exam. This is how they operate. Anything worth doing is worth OVERDOING.

CLOSING THE BORDER: That’s the big debate today: “Should we close the border to people from Ebola-afflicted countries?” To keep them from coming here and spreading it here? Yes; we’ve only had three cases here, based on ONE man who CAME from Africa. But a rainstorm begins with ONE DROP of rain and becomes a deluge. Closing the border is the COMPETENT thing to do, and for that reason, Obama will NOT do it. They SAY “containing it” in Africa by this means will SPREAD it. Talk about INANITY! I really wish we had some COMPETENT people in our government.

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