Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blaming Republicans

The Democrats have come out with a series of ads blaming the spread of Ebola in the U. S. on the Republicans, due to the “budget cuts” they’re supposedly responsible for. Only problem is, there have BEEN no budget cuts. Yes. Republicans do call for budget cuts in some places, but the Democrats never allow them. Then they take money AWAY from Ebola research and use it for their “giveaway programs” and “voter turnout” programs. ”outreach” and “community organizing.” Only about 6% of the budget INCREASES given the CDC, for instance, have gone for things that are important to keeping us healthy. The rest goes to the “favorite programs” of the democrats—while they blame Republican “budget cuts” that are non-existent.

KRUGMAN INCREDIBLY STUPID: Paul Krugman says Obama is a “consequential president, rating him ABOVE Ronald Reagan. Looks to me as if he’s as GENERALLY stupid as he is FINANCIALLY stupid. They call him an “economist” because he believes the same (phony) way liberals do. But the last thing he should be considered to be is an economist, If he was in charge of our economy, we would soon be bankrupt, as we will be anyway, with Obama running things. Krugman won a Nobel Prize (as did Obama, for doing nothing), which is “unemployment insurance for a liberal,” as Greg Gutfield of “The Five” said.

HOUSTON WANTS “OVERSIGHT” OF SERMONS: What is it that causes such STUPIDITY? Have these people not heard about the First Amendment, which FORBIDS any laws limiting the practice of religion? Which also forbids limiting free speech in any way? What kind of fools are these politicians? At least one is gay, which isn’t a problem, to me. But it does seem to be a problem to HER; and since she is MAYOR of Houston, she has to power to force her views on her fellow Houstoners. There should be laws against such people (gay or not) trying to force their single issue views on other people. If she wants to be gay, let her be gay. It’s not our business who she sees sexually. But she should not be allowed to force her views on others BECAUSE she’s gay.

SEX SLAVERY OK FOR MUSLIMS: They regularly “take” young women and sell them into sexual slavery after “using them” themselves to “avoid sin.” It’s a “sin” for a Muslim to have sex outside of marriage UNLESS they have sex with a WHORE. When they “take” these women, they DECLARE them to be “whores” so their men can screw them without “committing a sin.” Damn, what a twisted “religion” this is!

JUST LIKE IN “ATLAS SHRUGGED”: In Ayn Rand’s masterwork, “Atlas Shrugged,” the economy was in the process of being saved by shale oil—until the government made it impossible to do it. In America today, shale oil is trying its best to get us away from dependence on foreign oil while creating a boom” where it is being done. It’s happening in a slightly different place than in “Atlas,” but it’s happening. They’re calling it “fracking,” but it IS “shale oil. And, like in “Atlas,” the liberals in our government hate it, and are doing everything they can to prevent it, BECAUSE it will, if allowed to continue, SAVE this economy, and liberals don’t want that. That would ruin their plans to change this into yet another collectivist (socialist) country.

WHAT’S SO SPECIAL ABOUT AMERICA? That’s the question asked by our president—a man who SHOULD be smart enough to know the answer, but apparently isn’t—or thinks his politics is more important. It’s special because we SURPASSED countries that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years, and in just about 300 years, or less. We are the “destination of choice” for people from all over the world that want to improve themselves. We are the “world leader” naturally since people from other countries look UP to us because our system has outstripped theirs in every way. So anybody who denies it is stupid—and that describes Obama.

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