Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lying To Us Now "The Norm"

Our government routinely lies to us. Obama lied to us when he told us if Obamacare passed, it would REDUCE health insurance costs and lower our deductibles. Also when he told us he knew nothing about the guns he was “running” to the Mexican drug cartels and that there was nothing he could do to stop the terrorists in Benghazi from murdering our people, including our ambassador. He lied when he said it was NOT terrorism, and he lies when he calls things like the Ft. Hood shooting “workplace violence. So why should we believe him when he tells us in that “earnest” tone of voice of his, not to worry. “We’ve got it covered. Ebola will NOT come here?" What kind of a FOOL is he?

REGULATING DRUDGE: The liberals don’t like the Drudge Report. That’s a given. He was the one who “outed” Bill Clinton and his “cocksman” ways. Now they think they can “shut him up” by making an unconstitutional rule. They think they can disguise it as a rule to control “internet-based campaigning,” but we, who pay attention, know it is designed to shut up Drudge and others who keep track of, and report the truth. What the hell makes them think they can control things on the Internet mystifies me. Their job is control of the AIRWAVES, on the fiction that the “airwaves belong to everybody.” And they don’t do a very good job of that.

AX ATTACK MEANS MORE GUN CONTROL: I’ll make this prediction right now (at 2 PM, Oct. 24, 2014) that the anti-gun fools will find some way to twist that axe attack into propaganda for more gun control. That’s how they operate. ANYTHING that happens, even if no guns were even thought of (except in the hands of the cops) is an excuse for more gun control. The anti-gun fools will use ANYTHING as an excuse to make more of their useless gun laws that KILL people. They’re “single-minded.” They can’t see beyond their wish to take guns away from EVERYBODY but the cops and federal agents.

HOW DO YOU STEAL FROM THE POOR? They don’t have anything worth stealing. But that’s the favorite refrain from liberals; that the “rich” stole their riches from the “poor.” The lack of logic there is inescapable to people who pay attention and ARE logical. But then, you can expect that kind of stupidity from liberals. Their entire philosophy is illogical. They even deny the EXISTENCE of logic, unwittingly saying, “It’s LOGICAL that there is no logic.”

ANOTHER LIBERAL FALLACY: It is that you won’t destroy entry-level jobs by forcing employers to pay young workers just entering the workforce with NO talents, or abilities, more that they’re worth. Part of that fallacy is the belief that people with three or four kids after years of work still need to work at minimum-wage jobs. I don’t think I EVER worked at a minimum-wage job, even when I WAS a beginner. It is only those who failed to learn anything in school who NEED to work at a minimum wage job. Everything the liberals think is wrong. They think businesses should not have to make a PROFIT. That their only purpose is to provide jobs. That’s PATENTLY wrong, ans STUPID. There is no other reason to BE in business!

LIBERALS CREATED “LONE WOLF TERRORISTS”: They did it by seeing to it that kids are taught from kindergarten and before, the fiction that this country was STARTED in a corrupt fashion. That, somehow, people STOLE their riches from people who had nothing to steal, “the poor.” They keep hitting them, over and over with that claptrap, and they’re too young and innocent to know any better, so they “buy it,” and get mad. Thus, a “lone-wolf terrorist” is born. Islamists take full advantage of that in their recruitment efforts, and they also go into prisons, where many of the “misfits” who blame society for the troubles they brought on themselves, are. They’re prime candidates. They're STUPID.

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