Friday, October 10, 2014

"Morphing Into Para-Military Units"

That’s what the cops are doing in this country, with the help of the feds, and it’s being noticed. Even CNN did a story on it. It is not any more obvious than in Ferguson, MO, where they are using tanks and water cannons on demonstrators. Cops look like the soldiers you see in Afghanistan, and carry automatic weapons. Weapons of the kind they vociferously DENY us the use of. (They want to have superior firepower when they come after what’s yours). The feds are quietly arming them AS an army since they can’t USE the army on civilians, so they make the cops into a military organization.

HOW DID HE GET RICH? A reporter asked Harry Reid, who has never had a real job, how he got so rich while sucking on the government teat all his life and one of Reid’s thugs roughs him up while Reid didn’t even turn to face him. He just kept on walking. This should teach that reporter a lesson: never ask a crooked politician how he stole his riches from Americans. They'll have their hired thugs "rough you up." Fortunately, for the guy below, Lois Lerner didn't have any thugs.

LOIS LERNER RUNS AWAY: Some people don’t like what that reporter did to Lois Lerner when he “cornered her” and tried to get an answer out of her. Bob Beckel (Liberal member of “The Five”) even challenged him to a knife fight  (That I gotta see. A fat old fart trying to cut a young, healthy guy on TV). It was fun watching her RUN away from him. Somebody needs to hold her down and ask her some “uncomfortable questions.” Maybe she should hire some “muscle” like Harry Reid does, so she can “rough him up” instead of running like a fool.

UDALL’S PHONY STORY: He’s losing at the polls, so he starts running an ad campaign painting him as some kind of “hero” for his participation in a couple of useless committees supposedly dedicated to “fighting terrorism.” What he doesn’t tell you about is his absentee record while on those committees, which don’t DO anything, anyway. Then he goes on and on about his opponent, because he’s (his opponent) against MURDERING infants before they can even come out of the womb.

WHICH MEANS YOU CAN: Obama made a video to send to Africa to reassure them about Ebola. In it, he says, “You can’t get it by sitting next to someone on a bus or airplane.” Which means, in “Obamaspeak,” you CAN catch it by sitting beside somebody on a bus or in an airplane. Africans don’t know that what Obama says is usually a LIE. So they’ll “buy” his BS and probably die because of it.

AN APT CHOICE: NBC wanted Jon Stewart to be the host of one of their main news shows, “Meet the Press.” It’s a good choice to put a known comedian in charge of ANY of their “news shows,” because most of them ARE comedy shows. They might as well admit it. All their efforts to cover up Obama’s fool moves does make for good comedy. The gyrations they go through to keep their listeners from knowing the trouble Obama is in. So they might just as well hire a comedian to host.

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