Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Throwing Them Under the Bus

Obama doesn’t like it much that many Democrats (most of them, actually) are turning their backs on him. Some even walked out on one of his speeches. So he threw them under the bus. In a recent speech he told everybody, “They’re the people who made my wishes happen. They’re the ones who voted for the things I proposed, and now they’re going the other way and hurting my feelings.” Basically what he’s saying is that they’re “traitors” To ME. That everybody who now shuns him helped everything we hate come into being. So don’t vote for them. I don’t care about anybody but me.

LOSING THE WAR ON PURPOSE: That’s what Obama is doing. Some of us wonder (I don’t) why he does the things he does. He PROMISES the terrorists he will not have any “boots on the ground in Iraq” to do a REAL job on them. He conducts a few air raids on lonely pickup trucks out running around by themselves while hundreds of pickup trucks full of armed fools attack cities and murder people with abandon. He made his troops “cut and run” so they’d have no problem taking back what we took from them under Bush. He gave them $billions under the guise of “humanitari aid.” Everything he does is HELPING them. Why? Because he IS a Muslim, even if he does deny it. But he's a congenital liar and fraud, so don't believe his lies.

NO VOTER FRAUD? Gimme a break! Imagine a GOP candidate in Chicago (where else?) voting for himself, only to discover the machine registered his vote for his OPPONENT! That actually happened to Republican State Representative Jim Moynihan in Chicago. To say it “undermined his confidence in the voting machine” goes without saying, but he shouldn’t be surprised; especially not in Rahm Emmanuel’s (by proxy Obama’s) Chicago; home of the BEST in political thieves.

BLAMING CLINTON: Who gave Bill Clinton oral sex in the White House while a terrorist waited in the outer office? Monica Lewinsky. She did everything she could to “get next to” Clinton so she could do it. She even masturbated with one of his cigars while he watched. She created a word that MEANT oral sex using her name. And NOW she says Clinton “ruined her life.” That she now has nightmares about it. What a LOAD of BS! Nobody forced her to do it, nor to keep “the evidence” on that famous blue dress.

HIDING JIHAD IN AMERICA: That’s what the press is doing in America. There have been a number of Islamic terrorist atrocities in Australia, I guess to “bring Australia to its knees,” and the Australian media dutifully reported them. The same has been happening here, but our media has HIDDEN it. I don’t understand why, unless they’re just “afraid to cause panic.” They apparently have no confidence in the American people to act responsibly—or they’re just following the “orders” of their “Dear Leader,” Barack Obama, who says Islamic terrorism will never come here because HE has beaten it. So he will not allow any news reports of it or calls it something else when it happens here. Meanwhile Islamic terrorists (who no doubt came in via our Southern border) are committing atrocities while the government ignores it.

BALLOT STUFFING; “There’s no election fraud,” huh? There is a video showing a man walking into a polling place (in Arizona, this time, not Chicago) and stuffing the ballot box with hundreds of phony ballots, unimpeded. An election official asked him what he was doing and was told to “Go Screw yourself.” Apparently there were no cops there nor any election officials with gonads enough to oppose him. He spent about ten minutes stuffing the ballot box as others walked by and looked, but with nobody doing anything to stop him. How many places in the country do things like this happen that you never heard of? Is there NO “security” in these places? No election fraud my butt!

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