Thursday, October 2, 2014

According to Plan

After 310 air strikes, ISIS is still going strong. No surprise, there. That’s according to Obama’s plan: “make it look like he’d doing something while it has no effect in ISIS. He doesn’t want to really hurt his friends while looking like the “intrepid warrior.” Damn, what a stupid jerk he is! Anybody who can’t see through him is either stupid or badly misinformed. And that includes all those in DC. You don’t win a war by blowing up a few pickup trucks on lonely roads, or one or two empty buildings. They brag about getting one “big guy” lately, but that was an accident, for which he will probably apologize in private. I’m sure he has their numbers on speed-dial.

“PERMISSION” FOR SEX: What the liberals want now is a “paper trail” for sex. They want both participants to sign “permission”: forms BEFORE they have sex with one another. Talk about taking all the romance out of it! If people have to do this before having sex, you can count on there being a lot less sex. Having to sign such a form would certainly do it, for me. But then, at my age, there’s no reason for me to have a bunch of such forms around. And I wouldn’t, anyway. It’s a damned fool notion, but one I’d expect of a liberal.

WHAT THE HELL FOR? “The Colonel” has banned hand wipes because they “might” offend Muslims. Who cares if Muslims are offended? This is NOT a Muslim country! We are going way too far to keep from “offending” Muslims. You try to keep from offending a CHRISTIAN in a Muslim-run country and see how far it gets you. It MIGHT get you KILLED! What damned FOOLS we are in this country! We bend over backwards to avoid “offending” our ENEMY! And don’t tell me the “average Muslim”is not our enemy! They are ALL taught to hate us and KILL us if we don’t “convert” to their “religion.” Some ignore that. Most do not. Don’t believe it? Try denying Islam to a Muslim and see how he reacts. He will react violently. Count on it.

HORSE DUNG! The “authorities” say the killing and beheading of a woman who refused to “convert” to Islam in Oklahoma had nothing to do with the killer’s conversion to Islam, and is NOT terrorism. How damned STUPID are they? Under Obama, you can be murdered by an Islamic Imam with a Muslim-consecrated sword, IN a mosque and they will say it has nothing to do with Islam. They are THAT stupid!

OH, MY GOD! I’M SCARED! Obama says there is no way an Ebola outbreak is possible in America! That means there IS. Anything Obama says, you can count on being a LIE. And the world’s press BUYS it! How stupid ARE they? One thing we can be sure of, is that Obama will always tell a lie, any time he opens his mouth. So that makes him a good source of information: the exact OPPOSITE of what he says.

HOW DID HE GET SO FAR? How did that WH “fence-jumper” get so far, with people stationed on the ROOF with ONE JOB, to see such things? They were playing Poker and didn’t notice him, that’s how. Apparently nobody thought about “job boredom” from nothing happening, day after day—until something DOES happen, and they’re unprepared. That duty should definitely be “rotated” and monitored, to be sure they’re paying attention.

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