Monday, October 20, 2014

Children Can Kill Their Children

Children can have abortions without having to ask for parental “permission” to murder their child. A Democrat candidate for governor in Arizona says girls as young as 14 (who can’t have sex legally anyway) should have the right to have an abortion without asking for her parent’s permission. Along with that, I presume, goes the right not to tell her parents she had illicit sex and murdered the result. This is what we get when we elect a DEMOCRAT to office. They impose their stupid ideas on the rest of us.

YOUR DRIVING RECORD PUBLIC: For everyone—except YOU, that is. They take pictures of you driving all over, and will tell anyone what you’ve been doing—except you. They say you’re driving on public roads, and therefore have no expectation of privacy, even after The supreme Court said otherwise in U. S. v. Jones in 2012. Big Brother is here! He’s not something to be seen in the FUTURE; his face looks suspiciously like Obama, whose ugly mug is plastered EVERYWHERE. Again, Obama doesn’t have to do it personally, as long as his “minions” are just following his example--or his orders. That’s what’s happening in Monroe County, NY.

OBAMA NAMES “EBOLA CZAR”: Whatever that is. Maybe Obama will fill him in on what he has to do, since he is completely INEXPERIENCED with regard to Ebola. He is a simple “political operative” (hack) who used to be an aide to VP Joe Bitme--er, uh, BIden. Of course, that presumes OBAMA knows what to do. Of course, if he has been named only for “:political cover” of Obama’s INCOMPETENCE about Ebola (and everything else), I understand.

FORMER WA/PO CHIEF WARNS: Robert Kaiser, former chief editor of the Washington Post warns that newspapers will go “belly-up” when advertisers realize they’re wasting money in a “dying enterprise” while the place to go is “digital.” As usual, they’re wrong. They WILL go “belly-up,”  but because people are getting tired of their liberal LIES, published as “news” and “truth.” They’re “voting with their feet,” leaving in droves. I quit reading the only newspaper left in Denver several years ago, the day they doubled their single-issue price on the same day they cut their number of pages in half.

DICTATOR'S WARNING: The feds are getting “fed up” with Google and Apple’s encrypting their phones so the NSA can’t spy on people through them. They’ve warned them that if they don’t get rid of the encryption, “they will do it for them.” Not that they have the legal right to do so, but in Obama’s government, that no longer is an impediment to their “hob-nailed boots” actions.; They’ve become so cocky about spying on us that they not only no longer try and hide it, they openly THREATEN people who come up with ways to block them, and do it publicly.

CHICAGO’S GOVERNMENT CON: If it can happen, it’s going to happen in Chicago, Obama’s “home town.” The elected and appointed criminals there are better at conning the citizens than most everywhere else (except possibly DC). Now they’ve quietly shortened the appearance of yellow lights on their stop lights by one-tenth of a second and, by so doing, increased their “take” by $8 million dollars. This, under Obama’s former chief of staff, now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. Hmmmm—I wonder how much of that made its way into his pocket?

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