Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CDC Gets Big Increase

The liberals are going around blaming the NRA and Republicans for the Ebola danger because of “budget cuts” to CDC. Only problem is, that’s a BIG LIE. The CDC got $300 million dollars MORE than they asked for. This is the kind of DISHONESTY liberals are KNOWN FOR. Only in this case, there wasn’t even a “reduction in INCREASE” that is usually used to claim a “budget cut. This is how the liberals (and even some non-liberals) FOOL the people who “pay no attention to politics” (A MAJORITY of Americans) into voting their way.

PANETTA SAYS, “OBAMA KNEW”: And he oughtta know. He says Obama knew from the first minutes that Benghazi was a terrorist attack and refused to admit it, for fear of destroying his pitiful story that terrorism was defeated. Former UN Ambassador Rice aside, the Secretary of Defense SHOULD KNOW if Obama was aware Benghazi was a bona-fide terrorist attack. But I believe Obama is “in cahoots” with the terrorists and WANTS them to win!

FRACKING WOULD SPELL THE END: The end to Obama’s plans to make this into a socialist country, that is. As in Ayn Rand’s “masterwork,” Atlas shrugged, shale oil is rapidly improving the economy. We now have more recoverable oil resources than the Arabs and boom conditions where it's happening, But the liberal media will NOT report it. And the liberals are working night and day to come up with a way to STOP “fracking” for that reason.

PERFIDIOUS AND DISHONEST: The Obama administration is the most perfidious and dishonest one in recent years. Obama lies every time he communicates with anybody, whether he writes it or speaks it, it’s a lie. Some people say the same thing about George Bush. But THAT’S a lie. Obama would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. That means you can depend on Obama to tell you what’s going on, by listening to what he says and believing just the opposite. It’s very dependable.

A METHOD TO HIS MADNESS: Many people say Obama is stupid and incompetent for not only not allowing “boots on the ground” in Iraq, but announcing the policy to our enemies. I think he’s incompetent only in his belief in socialism and his wish to impose it on us. He is very competent in deceiving people, and that’s what he’s doing. He’s a consummate con man. I think he is “in cahoots with” the enemy and this is his way to “throw” the war against Islamic terrorism by PRETENDING to fight it, while doing so in such an incompetent manner.

REPORTER THREATENED  BY HICKENLOOPER: Well, not (Colorado Governor) Hickenlooper himself, but one of his staff. Reporter Arthur Kane asked to see Hick’s tax returns, which should be available, since, as governor, he should be willing, and able to provide. He DID provide it to other reporters but he pretends he has the right to decide what outlets are "legitimate." Campaign spokesman Eddie Stern told him to “get lost,” and threatened to call the cops if he didn’t. Reminds me of my own encounter with the “press flack” of the (now) former Denver mayor (Wellington Webb) when I once asked for a comment from him. He told me if I kept trying to talk to the mayor, he’d have me cited for “spam.” I asked him if he knew the difference between spam and personal correspondence. He didn't answer.

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