Friday, October 24, 2014

Send 'Em Back, NOW!

The best way to scotch the scheme to inundate our borders with underage illegal immigrants is to refuse to accept them. Send them back home, as soon as they are identified. And let their own country sort them out. As long as this fool in the White House keeps telling them they can stay, they’ll keep coming. And we just cannot handle them all. That’s a fact, and one they don’t understand. But intelligent people do.

HE’S A MUSLIM: The shooter in the Canadian Parliament was a recently-converted to Islam Muslim, and the Canadians admit it. But don’t look for Obama or any of his accomplices in his scam to take over this government and make himself into a dictator a la Adolph Hitler to admit it. I predict that he, or oue or more of his mouthpieces will go out and DENY this act was terrorism, OR that the shooter was Muslim.

BE AFRAID—VERY AFRAID: If you go by the history of politicians telling you not to worry about something, and subsequently getting it, take note: NY Mayor DiBlasio is telling New Yorkers “not to worry” about Ebola spreading here after a doctor who was recently treating Ebola patients got it after riding the NY subways. If there was ever a “kiss of death,” that’s it didn’t Obama say7 not to worry about ANYBODY getting it here?.

JUDGE REMOVAL: This is why we need to have a system for the removal of judges who make patently WRONG (illegal) decisions. It seems like if a judge decrees it, it happens—illegal or not. A judge’s decision can MAKE it legal, even if it is plainly ILLEGAL under law. And this decision will affect future decisions by other judges. In this case, the judge ruled AGAINST the plaintiff in the suit against the IRS fort putting roadblocks in the way of conservative organizations. He says that since their problems are now over, there’s no reason to rule in their favor. What about the years of stalling, delay, and the money it cost them? This judge has been BOUGHT.

WHY SO EASY? Why is it so easy for Islamics to “radicalize” and recruit Americans, who live in the best country in the world, to go over and suffer hardships and maybe get killed fighting for Islam’s goals? That’s easy: they’re told, from kindergarten, that America was BUILT on corruption, that everything we have was STOLEN from people who had nothing to begin with. They’re young enough to believe that crap and, with other Islamists “reinforcing” it and attributing it to being Christian, one day they wake up and think Islam is the way to go, and find they have a need to KILL to make things right (since they've been told that, over and over, since they were small children). The fact that many of them are “no-accounts” anyway, with no prospects, just makes it easier to fool them.

OBAMA’S PROMOTING TERRORISM: Don’t believe it? Put it together. He REFUSES  to control our borders when he KNOWS that’s where Islamic terrorists will come in, to form their illicit cells from which to kill people in the future. He sends guns and money to Islamic terrorists in Syria, saying he’s just “helping the rebels,” who ARE the terrorists. He “cuts and runs” from Iraq, “accidentally” leaving billions of dollars’ worth of munitions and equipment for the terrorists to steal. He’s a “closet Islamic” himself, no matter how much he denies it. He continually minimizes what the terrorists are doing, and REFUSES to call the terrorist attacks in this country what they are. He won’t even USE the term, “Islamic terrorists.” You decide.

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