Thursday, October 30, 2014

Voter Fraud DOES Exist

Liberals will gaily tell you that “voter fraud does not exist” while they are stealing votes, right and left. And they expect you to believe this BS while, in Chicago, they counted Obama’s vote 27 times! There’s a good reason why there isn’t much proof of voter fraud. And it’s not because it doesn’t exist. It’s because the way the laws are written, there’s little chance for us to catch what is going on, while liberals fight, “tooth and nail” against ANY attempt to make laws that would help us uncover their voter fraud. That’s why they hate “voter ID” laws requiring picture ID in order to vote for spurious reasons, like “the poor can’t afford it.”

EXPERTS” ALWAYS “SURPRISED”: Didja ever notice that whenever anything unusual happens, the “experts” are always surprised? Funny; if they’re “experts,” they should have seen it coming. How can they call themselves “experts if they’re always surprised by what happens in the world? Example: “Experts are “nonplussed” at how much ISIS has advanced toward taking over Iraq. Funny: I have known that for a long time—long before they got their new name. And I’m no “expert.”

MUSLIM CHILD MOLESTER: One of the popular Muslim figures in Ferguson, MO, is a convicted child molester. Molesting children is against the law in America, but is not only allowed to a Muslim, it is shown as RECOMMENDED by the Koran (however they spell it today), since to do so is to follow the teachings of their PROPHET, who “married” a SIX-YEAR-OLD GIRL and started screwing her at the age of 9! Yes, I know; ALL Muslims are NOT child molesters. But child molestation is APPROVED by Islam’s PROPHET.

POLITICIANS “MORE EQUAL”: Former NY Mayor Bloomberg, whose “hobby” is “gun control for the rest of us,” doesn’t think that applies to him, or other politicians. He thinks we have no need for armed security, either provided by ourselves, or others. But like Sen. Feinstein (the outspoken anti-gun fool who has her own “carry permit”),he thinks that doesn’t apply to people like him, who HIRE armed security. “Everybody is equal, but politicians are more equal than others.”

BLAME IT ON THE GUNS: It’s as expected as night is expected to follow day. The anti-gun fools are blaming the shooting in the Canadian Parliament on the Lack of gun control there. Yes, gun control isn’t nearly as tight as it is in America, but they neglect to mention that gun violence has GONE DOWN lately there. And they fail to remind you that EVERY mass shooting in America is done where GUNS ARE PROHIBITED. Yes, would-be mass shooters IGNORE “gun-free zones.” Which is logical. If they’re bent on mass murder, why the HELL would they worry about violating a piddling little anti-gun law? Their logic escapes me. Maybe because they have none. They don’t even know what it MEANS!

BEN AFFLECK LOVES MUSLIMS: He has so stated publicly. He needs to have his citizenship revoked for professing his love for our ENEMIES. People known for rape, murder, and beheading CHILDREN who don't believe like they do. He absolutely shouldn’t be allowed to work any more in movies, so he can make oodles of money while he hates America. We should buy him a ticket to Iraq, where he can be with his friends—and ban him from ever returning. But, of course, the liberals will never allow that, and they have conned their way into many powerful positions to make it stick.

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