Friday, October 17, 2014

Removing Obama

So he doesn’t kill us. It almost seems like that is what he is out to do. He won’t close our Southern border, even though he KNOWS that’s where Muslim terrorists enter to set up their secret cells dedicated to killing Americans. To maintain the fiction that to close the borders will ANGER Mexico, he also refuses to close them to possible Ebola patients from Africa to avoid the spread of that deadly disease. Already we have had THREE Ebola patients, traceable to ONE patient from Africa who died of it. Like that first drop of rain, does this signify only the BEGINNING of the spread of this deadly disease to America?

MORE CZARS THAN SOVIETS: The Soviet Union was known for its czars, and now Obama’s America is similarly known for the people Obama has appointed (extra-constitutionally, without vetting by Congress) to do things he already has people to do. Is this just his way of rewarding his friends with cushy jobs that don’t require a lot of work, or is it a major power grab? It’s hard to tell with Obama. It might be a way of putting people in place to “take over” certain things when he makes himself a dictator.

SENDING THEM TO THEIR DEATHS? Obama won’t send “boots on the ground” to Iraq to do what they do best, kill Islamic terrorists. But he does “call up” a bunch of “citizen soldiers” who have NO expertise in handling Ebola patients, to go where Ebola is rampant, maybe to contract this 67% deadly disease themselves, while being away from their families and jobs. What kind of incompetent stupidity is this? Frankly, I’d refuse to go, and DAMN the consequences!

SHE WENT TOO FAR: The Houston, Texas mayor who “subpoenaed” pastors to force them to “turn over” their sermons and sermon notes before delivering them so she could “check them out” to see if they contained anything “homophobic” needs to be removed from office; immediately, for abusing her power Mayors don’t have such powers, and any Grand Jury that would offer such a subpoena should be depaneled and its members jailed.

NO “WMDS” IN IRAQ? In their DREAMS! Liberals made a “big thing” over no WMDs being found in Iraq. But as usual, it was a LIE. WMDs were found in Iraq, but we were never told. That’s what happens when liberals are proven wrong. They cover it up if they can, and call us liars if they can’t.

“WHO’S IN CHARGE?” Many times Obama’s government has been askd, “Who’s in charge” of the handling of the Ebola epidemic. And, even though the head of the CDC makes many incompetent speeches and Obama has even appointed an “Ebola Czar,” they can’t tell us who’s in charge. It’s a big “Keystone Kops” show with NOBODY in charge. Just like the rest of Obama’s government.

DEMOCRATS RUNNING FROM OBAMA: Democrat politicians are running as fast as they can from Barack Obama. They won’t even admit they voted for him. They tell him NOT to come and campaign for them because they know that's the "kiss of death." I watched one Democrat candidate dance around he question for three minutes while trying to avoid a reporter’s question about whether she did, or didn’t vote for him. Too bad for Democrat candidates.

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