Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Kill the Noise!"

In Aspen, they have a way to kill the noise in lunchrooms in school. Make even more noise. They have a required maximum noise level in their lunch rooms, and if it isn’t maintained, they’ll make even more noise to tell the kids to “keep it down.” What an amazing solution THAT is! We should congratulate those school “officials” for their ingenious solution to what must be a big problem. It’s as intelligent as suspending students for chewing pop-tarts into a vague shape resembling a gun, or drawing a picture of a gun.

ISIS KILLING REPORTERS: There’s a nefarious purpose in ISIS capturing and beheading reporters. That is to keep them out of the areas in which they are murdering innocent people and beheading children so nobody can prove it. Yes, they, themselves release videos of some of their beheadings, to “send a message” to other reporters to “stay away.” It was a reporter who obtained that sickening picture of a headless little girl in a pretty blue dress, and they want no more of that. That just tells us too much about their dastardly nature. Yes, we know what low down murdering scum they are, but without such pictures, we couldn’t prove it, and thus inflame the anger of “the masses” to their atrocities, who will then allow us to really go after them.

OBAMA’S “HISTORICAL” ELECTION: They still call it that, even though his administration has been a DISASTER (for us) since the very first day he “took over” in the White House. Everything he has done goes to the detriment of he American people and has moved us ever closer to that socialist (collectivist) government we all hate, with him in the “permanent” driver’s seat. He has “taken over” the health insurance industry, DOUBLING the cost and opening all our private health information to his (and his people’s) eyes, and that’s just ONE thing he has done.

SELF-DEFEATING WISHES: Colorado candidate for the Senate Mark Udal says, “More independence and less partisanship.” Apparently he doesn’t have any idea how silly that is. One side contradicts the other. More Independence MEANS more partisanship. No partisanship means one side SURRENDERS to the other. When he says “less partisanship,” like most Democrats, he MEANS that his opponents surrender to his position. Politics IS partisanship. That’s its ONLY purpose.

KROGER TO MOMS: “GO TO HELL”: When “Moms Against Guns” (or some such) went to a Kroger store and demanded to be allowed to present a petition demanding they ban guns from their stores, they were told to “go to hell.” Maybe not in so many words, but that was the “upshot” of it. Why they went to ONE STORE, rather than to Kroger’s headquarters, is beyond me. Maybe they thought they could more easily bully a store manager than top management. In any case, it was a dismal failure. Moms boss Shannon Watts whined about it on Twitter, but most replies agreed with Kroger.

INFLUENCING YOUNGER VOTERS: Pressure groups target younger people because, without understanding of the issues, they are easier to “bully” into agreeing with their scams. The problem with young people is that they just haven’t been LIVING long enough to know ANYTHING. Don’t believe it? Ask any young person what a typewriter is, or who ISIS is, and he/she probably won’t be able to answer. Or ask them about the Edsel and why it isn’t around any more. They just don’t know anything. So they’re easier to convince of a lie.

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