Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Told Ya So!"

I’m not “crowing.” I’m just reminding you that I told you, long ago, that Ebola was going to get a foothold here, no matter what that fool in the White House told you. As usual, what he said has proven to be a lie. I don’t know how bad it will get in the long run, but we’re now seeing the SECOND case of Ebola, and at the same hospital where the first victim died. And they have no idea how many people that nurse has come in contact with, and infected. I just hope it doesn’t get as bad as it did in Africa, where 4,000 people have died.

UTTER DAMNED FOOLS: DC Councilman David Grasso is a complete, utter, damned fool and he is one of the people who make the laws for Washington, DC. I wonder what it is about DC that breeds such fools? Whatever it is, it has obviously been contracted by many of the senators and representatives there, and for sure the current president. This one wants to disarm the cops in a place where every government worker in that city is “packing.” Even Agricultural people. He talks about “other countries” where the cops are not armed, but I can only think of one, and it didn’t work. They are now armed, and they’re glad of it.

LET THEM DO IT: If a liberal wants to demonstrate his/her ignorance, stand back and let them do it. I think that’s the reason why Rosie O’Donnell was allowed back on “The View.” I guess Whoopie’s ignorant braying wasn’t enough for them. They had to add Rosie to make sure they got REGULAR stupid cracks so as to ensure free media coverage of their failing show. Now Rosie has “jumped up” and said that Jimmy Carter (the second WORST president in recent history) is her “favorite president, ever.” Such a crack is GUARANTEED to get media coverage.

KERRY ADMITS THEY KNOW: They know they have to destroy the command structure of ISIS (or whatever it’s called), to win, and claim to be concentrating their resources on that, ignoring the local actions such as the one now approaching Baghdad, which is critical. But there’s no evidence of that, and there IS evidence that ISIS is close to taking over Baghdad, which will put an end to the elected government of Iraq, to be replaced by ISIS. I guess they intend to keep up this fiction until ISIS holds all of Iraq. Then, knowledge of their lie will be moot.

WAIT “TIL HE’S OUT OF OFFICE: Charlie Rose says to Panetta, “Shouldn’t you wait until Obama is out of office before you criticize him?” But then, that’s what politicians count on: people not talking about their crimes until they leave office—AFTER they’ve done as much damage as they can. Of course, that guarantees that people just like him will be elected by an ignorant electorate who pay no attention to politics to replace him. And that’s what they want, so they can continue their hidden thievery unabated. Do people like Rose take daily stupid pills, or what?

BOZELL DISCUSSES MEDIA COVERAGE OF PANETTA’S CRITICISM OF OBAMA: But the segment didn’t take too long, because there was nothing to discuss, except the complete LACK of coverage of Panetta’s criticism of Obama. Predictably, there was NO coverage, except for a little criticism of Panetta for criticizing Obama while he is still a sitting president. This is the kind of stupidity that permeates the liberal media. The time to criticize a politician is WHILE he is in office so we can vote AGAINST the people he favors.

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