Saturday, October 25, 2014

Obama Ain't Gonna Like That!

A man attacked four police officers with an axe and was, of course, killed. New York says it IS Islamic terrorism. But I’m predicting that Obama will not. He will call it something else, so he won’t have to admit that Islamic terrorism is coming here, “on his watch.” He will no doubt criticize New York cops. This is all part of America “going crazy,” below, but would not fit in that item. Obama is fast proving that HE is an Islamic terrorist, too, and since he has conned his way into the presidency, he will use that job to PROMOTE Islamic terrorism.

THE WORLD IS GOING CRAZY: The president refuses to admit we are at war with Islamic terrorism while the terrorists go about, gaily murdering, raping, and beheading CHILDREN while threatening to “raise the terrorist flag over the White House. Children and football teams for children are FINED for scoring too many points; the news media helps a CRIMINAL become president, then helps to hide his crimes while he's in office; the Congress has no backbone and lets him get away with his crimes and atrocities while the Supreme Court makes his crimes legal; he won’t control our borders while terrorists sneak in easily, to kill Americans later. And he is making it easier for Ebola to come here and kill us. There’s more, but I don’t have enough room her to list it all.

CANCELLING HALLOWE’EN: It’s all part of liberalism. There are a FEW people in America who don’t like Hallowe’en so they want to cancel it for all those who do. That's the liberal way: if they don't like it, they want to stop EVERYBODY from doing it. In many places, if ONE PERSON doesn’t like something, they cancel it, to keep from hurting someone’s feelings.” This is the height of damned foolishness, but never try to tell a liberal this. It will bounce off him like a tennis ball off a concrete wall. They're impervious to truth.

“CORPORATIONS DON’T CREATE JOBS?” Hillary Clinton says “Corporations don’t create jobs,” Who the hell does she THINK creates jobs?” Damned sure not the GOVERNMENT! Without the trillions in taxes paid by the corporations, the government HAS no jobs TO “create.” Corporations are the BACKBONE of this nation. Without them, we would be NOTHING. How does one so STUPID get so close to becoming president? Probably because those who MAKE presidents are just as stupid, and stupidity becomes the norm.

STILL OBSESSING: As this is written, it has been three hours since that school shooting in Washington State, and all that is being shown on the television is a picture of the “suspect” running along a white building with red doors, checking each door as he went. I’ve seen this clip about 40 times (now up to 55 times, an hour after this was first written), and I’d bet I’ll see it many times more today, and in the next few days as the “talking heads” vamp, trying to come up with something new to say about the shooting.

A BREAK IN COVERAGE: There has been a break in the coverage of the Washington State school shooting because of a press conference about yesterday’s “axe attack” on some police officers in New York. They’re calling it a “weaponized axe,” whatever THAT means (He’s using it as a weapon, so it must be “weaponized.”). Politicians are rushing to assure us his attack was NOT terrorism, even though he is a “converted Muslim.” I don’t believe that for a minute. In any case, he’s nothing now, because he’s dead. IN any case the cops, who should know, are saying it IS terrorism.

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