Saturday, October 18, 2014

What I'd Prefer

Liberals make a big thing about higher minimum wages, but never even consider what I’d prefer: lower payroll taxes. Liberals tell you they worry about those who have less than we do, but only when what they push doesn’t take money away from the government. Lowering taxes generally would give a much bigger advantage to the “average man” than higher minimum wage, but they won’t even think of that, because it would take money away from them and the “giveaway programs” that buy them votes from those who just want the “goodies” to keep coming.

MICHELLE WANTS TO SHUT UP THE PRESS: She must really think her sh-t doesn’t stink. While working with at least one reporter on a Democrat campaign, she “ordered” that reporter “not to talk to people” and, by so doing, “creeped that reporter out.” And that reporter spoke about it in Tweets and Facebook words. She also addressed it in her story. The Obamas think they are “the elite” and can “command” people to do what they want, even if it is against their will. They’re wrong. Michelle is going to find out she can’t even DICTATE what school children eat, even if she sees to it they lose money because of it. If the kids won’t eat it, forget it.

“POWER CORRUPTS, ABSOLUTELY”: Someone once said, “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts, absolutely.” Michelle and Barack Obama are subject to this, even though they don’t know it. The power Barack has stolen has given his wife, a woman who might, without the power he stole, be a good person, the idea she can “order people about,” as the above item shows. I'd like for her to try and give me an order. Obama himself thinks he “doesn’t need Congress,” which is an EQUAL PARTNER in government; that he can make laws himself with a stroke of his pen (which he can't, under the Constitution). He needs to find out otherwise. Is there ANYBODY in DC who has the GONADS to do anything about it?

PHONY WARRANT: This is an example of the underhanded tricks Obama’s people use to stop criticism. In this case, when the subject refused to let them in, they claimed it was a “man with a gun” to the locals, who fortunately knew he was licensed to have that gun and they were lying about having a warrant. They refused to go in and kill the subject, and complained to DC, meeting a big yawn. This whole thing disturbs me, and makes me wonder if I’ll get such a visit. This is how Obama’s thugs operate.

BRINGING THEM TO AMERICA: Not satisfied with sending thoudands of part-time troops to Ebola-stricken countries, thus putting them at risk to be infected, Obama is now wishing to bring more Ebola patients to America so they can infect more medical personnel, who will infect others, and create an Ebola epidemic here.. I think he WANTS Ebola to become a big problem here, to get our minds off his many scandals. He couldn’t care less how many people die as a result. He has shown that. We really need to get rid of this fool before he gets us ALL killed.

SHOWING THEIR WARES: I just went through 64 pictures of cheerleaders showing what they had between their legs, and a few who showed what was in their bras to the crowds. Most of them looked very happy with what they were showing, and one even had her tongue licking her lips to make it obvious she knew exactly what she was doing, and loved it. And some of the designs of their uniforms! Absolutely minimal coverage, some OUTLINING important parts, guaranteeing lecherous guys in the stands something to remember. Not that I’m complaining. I like looking at such things as much as the next guy. I’m just sayin’.  I wouldn’t let my daughter ever be a cheerleader.

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