Thursday, October 23, 2014

Anti-Gun Fool Arrested

Carrying a gun, of course. She has introduced, and supported several anti-gun measures in the Missouri legislature to keep US from being armed in self-defense, but when she was arrested demonstrating in favor of a legal lynching of a cop in Ferguson, MO, she was armed, with extra ammo. Like Senator Feinstein, another anti-gun fool, she has her own “carry permit.” (she says, but she couldn't show it) What’s good for us, apparently is not good for the elite (our betters), I guess.

CANADA HAS STRONG GUN LAWS: The entire country is, in effect, a “no-gun zone.” But that didn’t stop the shooters who are even now (as this is written) shooting up the Canadian Parliament Building. The Ottowa hospital has, so far, received three patients and one of the shooters is reported dead, shot by the “Sergeant-At-Arms.” Yet more evidence that “no-gun zones” have NO EFFECT on possible mass shooters, who CHOOSE “no-gun zones,”  in which to do their dirty work.

OBAMA: “I’M DOING PRETTY GOOD”: Oh. The president said he’s doing pretty good as president. I guess that settles it, then. Never mind even DEMOCRATS think he’s doing a lousy job and are running as fast as they can in the opposite direction when he approaches. Most of them refuse to answer the question, “Did you vote for Obama?” They tell him to “stay away” from their functions. So he thinks he’s “doing okay?” Doesn’t that show his ignorance? Again? Or is he like the kid “whistling past the graveyard,” thinking if he says it often enough, people will believe it?

HOW MANY MORE TIMES? How many more times must potential shootings be minimized by one “good person with a gun” who is not afraid to use it, before the anti-gun fools “wise up?” From the time a small girl (who probably didn't weigh 90 pounds soaking wet) in a Colorado Springs church stopped a potential mass shooter who had already killed in his tracks by shooting him, to the Canadian Sergeant At Arms who shot and killed the man who had already shot and killed one man at the Canadian Parliament building, there’s ample evidence that disarming ourselves is NOT the way to go toward self-defense. So will they ever learn? Probably not. They don’t care about facts. They just want to disarm America.

“PEOPLE’S STATE OF CALIFORNIA”: In a SLAP to all religions (except Islam, of course), the “People’s State of California” has now ordered that CHURCHES pay for abortions. CHURCHES! Makes no difference that they are unalterably AGAINST murdering the result of sex without a rubber or any other kind of protection. Never mind the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion. They don’t care about that. Gov. Moonbeam’s in charge and he dictates it.

REPUBLICAN CATCHES ELECTION FRAUD: This GOP candidate voted for himself and the machine he used cast his vote for his OPPONENT. This is just ONE WAY Democrats steal elections. This is how they stay in power so long. These machines need to be controlled by people OTHER than “election officials.” People who are, in no way, partisan. Although, how we’re going to accomplish that, I don’t know, except to mandate PUBLIC, DAILY checking of these machines. Or by stopping their use, altogether. So there’s no voter fraud, huh, Democrats?

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