Friday, October 31, 2014

Carville: "Proud Democrat"

He doesn’t even realize that, to BE a Democrat shows your LACK of intelligence. To proclaim it is worse than stupid. He proclaims his being PROUD to be a Democrat, like we didn’t know it, already. His very OPINIONS scream STUPIDITY! So he HAS to be a Democrat! It is his lack of intelligence that makes him think being a Democrat is something to be proud of. It’s like saying, “I’m PROUD to have syphilis!”

DEMOCRAT BILLIONAIRES: Liberal Democrats like to talk about the Koch Brothers, as if they didn’t have their own billionaires supporting their insipid politics. People like George Soros and Tom Steyer, who has pledged $50 million to defeat Republicans. Soros now, has spent a lot more. His fingerprints can be found on almost ANYTHING that is designed to hurt us. Democrats are good at demonizing Republicans doing the same thihngs THEY do, good or bad,

ISLAMIC THREAT: In England, they’re letting Muslims get away with way too much. Their laws are just not up to the scams run by the Muslims. Now the law is telling a Christian school it MUST allow a Muslim Imam to “preside over an assembly.” What? This is being done in the name of “tolerance.” Intolerance? They’re demanding tolerance for a representative of the most religiously INTOLETRANT “religion” in the world! When Muslims start allowing Christians to come and speak in schools THEY control, I MIGHT consider this. Not before.

BUT IT DOESN’T CHANGE ANYTHING: Television news is “blacking out” references to the “ bad news” for Democrats in the news. But what they don’t think about is that hiding it won’t change anything. If the news they’re hiding means Democrat losses, they’ll lose, anyway. They can’t change a loss into a win by hiding the information about the bad numbers.

JON STEWART CALLS CHRISTIE A D-CK: And he ought to know, being one, himself. You can always recognize people like yourself. Christie lost his patience at a heckler and told him he’d be happy to debate him in private, but for now, just “shut up.” It’s something every politician wants to tell hecklers, but is afraid to. To me, that illustrates that Christie has more guts than most politicians. I’m not too happy with him otherwise, but I respect that.

FINALLY LOST THEIR MINDS: That’s what Denver conservative columnist and radio personality (850 KOA) Mike Rosen says of people who are now claiming that to be against bringing Ebola patients here are RACIST. Apparently, they think, because most Ebola patients are from Africa, which is MOSTLY black, that qualifies it as racist. Like the way they gripe about black men being in the majority in prisons, they IGNORE the fact that more black men commit crimes than do white men. That’s not racism, that’s FACT. Same here: Most people in Africa are black. That eliminates any “racism” on the part of objectors.

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