Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Misplaced Priorities

The world is going to hell in a handbasket all around us. There are MANY important things for us to fight about and discuss, but we are ignoring them while we fight over such unimportant things as whether or not gays can “marry.” That’s right, “MARRY.” They will not accept anything other than the destruction of the word, “marry” to describe their “unions.” We can give them everything they want EXCEPT the use of the word “marriage” And they’ll tell us to go to hell. Meanwhile, Obama moves us ever closer to socialism and we're too busy arguing over gay "marriage" to notice..

“A GUN TO THE HEAD”: Obama accuses the Republicans of “holding a gun to the head of America” while HE “holds a gun to the head of America” with his threat to shut down the government if funding for his takeover of the health insurance business is not replaced in the funding bill. He thinks he can successfully blame the Republicans for this Obama-created disaster, and he might be right, with a majority of Americans not paying attention to politics except on the most “surface” of attention to headlines.

“EXPOSING” CONSERVATIVES:  Ed Schultz of MSNBC has announced a special program where he hopes to “expose” conservatives. What a fantasy land this man must live in! What is there to “expose” where only the TRUTH is reported? Can he lie enough to “expose” the alternative media? I doubt it. He will be “reaching” all the way and be hard put even to LIE enough about them to have any material at all. His main target seems to be The Blaze, mostly because they hurt the liberals the most, I guess. Librals will always tell us what they fear the most, by such stupid things as this.

AMERICA “ON THE BRINK”: It seems like we’re “on the brink” of one disaster or another every day these days. Right now it’s OBAMA'S threat of a “government shutdown” if funding for his TAKEOVER of the health insurance business is not restored to the funding bill. These days, EVERYTHING Obama wants passed is an EMERGENCY and he tells us the world will end if we don’t pass it. Still, as Nancy says, “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it,” which is the stupidest thing ever said by a government figure (I hesitate to call this fool woman an “official.”)

IT’S TABOO: Why don’t liberal media people ever ask Hillary about why she never says anything about Bill’s tendency to drop his zipper every time he gets within smelling distance of ANY female but her? Because they have made that question taboo. Any journalist who would ask that question would be a pariah. Same goes for ANY question abut her own sexuality. Rumors say she may even be a lesbian, which would account for her indifference to Bill’s “weenie-wagging.” But that’s taboo, too.

WHAT? "GUN-FREE ZONES" DON’T WORK? “On Tuesday, Durham, N.C., police were looking for a man who burglarized a home and later committed an armed robbery. They found a suspect who exchanged gunfire with officers and then ran onto the NCCU campus, right past a sign announcing the area was gun-free. More proof that gun free zones are pretty silly?” And here I thought a LAW or a “gun-free zone” would keep people with guns OUT. Silly me!

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