Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obama Knew--He Lied

The Obama administration KNEW, as early as 2010, that up to 67% (probably an underestimation) would not be able to keep their current health insurance at a lower cost (it was written right into the law, but he still insisted that they would. There is NO WAY a MAJORITY of people will be able to keep their insurance and at a lower rate, because of the fool things (like pre-existing condition coverage and allowing people to keep their kids on their insurance to age 26) the law REQUIRED of insurers. It was a blatant, outright LIE when he told it; he KNEW it was a lie, but he still told it on a regular basis in order to sell his swindle.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? No, I’m not talking about Hillary and the murders in Benghazi. I’m talking about the big hooraw over McDonald’s “divorcing” themselves from Heinz Catsup. What’s the big damned deal? Things like this happen all the time without ANY fanfare. Why the big noise now? Because Heinz is owned by the wife of our Secretary of State, John Kerry? No; it’s to further divert our attention from the Washington fiasco called “Obamacare” and its attendant “trainwreck,” Obama’s fool web site.  It still makes me wonder if they can’t even come up with a workable web site, how can they believe they can run the health care industry?

GOVERNMENT BIGOTRY: It’s not just a “war on Christianity” it’s BIGOTRY against ANY religion BUT Islam. They won’t allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed, but they will allow, no, DEMAND that the “Five Pillars of Islam” be displayed in our schools, while they have kids dress up as Muslims “to see what it’s like.” Obama’s government has been solidly against Christianity in ANY case where a difference comes between them. Meanwhile, Islam demands the DEATH of people who do not convert to Islam and DEATH to anybody who converts FROM Islam to any other religion. They demand “Tolerance,” but are the most INTOLERANT religion in the world (If, indeed, they ARE a religion, not a political system MASQUERADING as a religion).

MICHELLE’S FRIEND? Was Michelle Obama’s relationship with Toni Towns, Senior VP of GCI Federal, the Canadian company who got the “NO-BID” contract to create Obama’s failed web site and is now being given the responsibility to “fix” it? Why does government go to the very people who screwed it up in the first place to FIX what they screwed up? Because that’s the kind of incompetent thing governments (especially Obama’s) do.

“REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH”: Actor and comedian Russell Brand says we need a “massive socialist revolution and a redistribution of wealth” in this country. Really? Will he consent to a redistribution of HIS wealth? I think not. He thinks OTHER PEOPLE should “redistribute THEIR wealth to HIM. He already has made a lot of money and he thinks OTHER PEOPLE need to “redistribute THEIR wealth. Funny. It always seems like those who have already MADE their wealth think OTHERS should give up THEIR wealth.

NOT VERY CHRISTIAN: A Kansas couple at “Carrabba’s Italian Grill” stiffed their waiter because he’s gay. What the hell business is that of theirs? They say they didn’t tip him because “Queers don’t share in the wealth of God.” Where the hell do they get that? If God will forgive a MURDERER if he “repents and accepts Jesus Christ as his savior,” he will CERTAINLY forgive a homosexual. Somebody needs to tell them it’s not their place to punish people for what THEY see as “sins.” I’m not gay, but I respect his right to BE gay.

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