Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bypassing Congress

Obama has said in many speeches that he can “bypass Congress” and make a law on his own. He CANNOT, legally do such a thing under our Constitution, which he has sworn to uphold. But he does it anyway by signing “executive orders” and ordering his thugs (who are all too willing, and have the guns) to enforce the ILLEGAL “laws” he SAYS he can pass without Congress. What he doesn’t say is when he does, he’s acting as a DICTATOR, not a Constitutionally elected president.

“JUST THROW MONEY AT IT”: That’s Democrat Steny Hoyer’s solution to the problems Obama’s health care swindle. “Just spend another $50 billion or so on it. That should fix it.” There are no new ideas in the Democrat camp. There haven’t been as long as I can remember—and that’s a LONG time. Every time a problem comes up and the Democrats are in charge, that’s “the answer” they submit. Of course, if Republicans are in charge, they suggest getting rid of the Republicans.

WOULD BIRDS BE “OFFENDED?” They give several football and baseball franchises a hard time because they use Indians or a derivative of it in their names. I don’t think that’s a slur, it’s a TRIBUTE to their “fighting spirit.”  Would the Cardinals be offended at the use of their name? I don’t think so, and I don’t think we can be concerned about the small number of the usual troublemakers who WILL be “offended” at something.

WASHINGTON EXTORTION: It’s the old “protection racket” being run by Washington politicians. Does anybody wonder why they went after Microsoft? Because they weren’t giving billions to Washington politicians! They didn’t have a lobbying office and just ignored Washington. They just did their thing and made money—and they didn’t give any to DC politicians except for paying taxes. So they decided to go in and TAKE some. Now they’re going after Apple for the same reason. They just make money and only give DC the taxes they OWE.

“FIRE SOMEBODY!” We don’t care who! Just fire somebody  to show you’re doing SOMETHING about the web site fiasco with the site to sign up for the MANDATORY purchase you REQUIRED by law. Never mind the Constitution doesn’t allow you to do that. You’ve got the guns so you’re going to do it anyway—unless you’re defeated by reality. I guess you really are now a dictator, in fact, if not in theory. If you can FORCE us to BUY something with a web site that doesn’t allow us to do so, then fine us when we can’t obey your unconstitutional order, you are.

DON’T FALL FOR IT: If you get on a web site that forces you to give them ALL your personal information, including your Social Security number and your bank numbers BEFORE they will even let you browse to see what’s available, then “locks you in” on a purchase if you so much as ASK about a particular product and just TAKE the money out of your bank account, not allowing you to ”back out,” to pay for it, GET OUT! FAST! Don’t give them ANY information! Get away! RUN! It’s a con designed to swindle BILLIONS of dollars out of the American people and force them into socialism! The entire PROGRAM is FORCED socialism!

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